What to Get Your Witchy Significant Other for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, you may be like me, and scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special person. Rather than looking to Amazon to get those generic heart shaped necklaces that will turn their neck green, let’s explore where you’re from and find some treasures. Are they into all things witchy and wonderful? Look no further as I let you know the top 10 things to add to your cart right now.

  1. 1. Candles

    How could you go wrong with candles? Pair these with cool matches and you’re good to go. If you don’t know their favorite scents (or just don’t want to get them wrong), find a great candle store and give them a gift card. Nothing says I love you like allowing them to fill their home with beautiful scents.

    Are they in a place where burning is not allowed? No problem! Get them wax melts or wickless candles. Giving them a nice wax warmer wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

  2. 2. Crystals

    If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen hearts filled with crystals instead of candy. Your witchy S.O. would probably cry as much as I did when I first saw those videos. If you know their favorite crystals, great. If not, that’s completely fine! Get them pieces that remind you of them, or ones you just find pretty! Try to take a picture of their names, though, your person will want to know later!

  3. 3. Tarot Cards

    tarot cards

    There’s an old myth saying that you must be given tarot cards rather than buy them yourself. While this isn’t true, receiving them as a gift is still always amazing. Make sure you pick them out a deck that reminds you of them, and a pretty design doesn’t hurt!

  4. 4. Rings

    White nails against pink flowers

    Rings on different fingers have different meanings and purposes. You could go with getting them one cool ring, or maybe even a ring set so they can play with placements. They all don’t have to be matching. Give them an opportunity to mix and match.

  5. 5. Incense

    These are super cheap and come in so many different scents. If you’re confused on which ones to get, most of them have names like “calming” or “energy,” so get them what you think they need. Also, where there is incense, there are incense holders that are cheap as well. Be careful with this one, though, as they won’t be able to burn them in apartments or dorms that don’t allow fire.

  6. 6. Plants

    house plants on dresser

    I can’t stress this one enough. Plants, plants, PLANTS! This is a more sustainable option than giving them roses that will die in a week. If they aren’t great at keeping them alive, try types like Pothos, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, and Aloes, all of which are resistant to black thumbs.

  7. 7. Journals

    2 journals spread out on a blank background with a pen and faux plant

    We will always be in need of beautiful journals. It doesn’t matter the size, type, color, anything. Witchy people will find a use for journals faster than you could find one. Something to pair with this is fancy pens, markers, and washi tape. All of these can be found at any craft store around you. If you are crafty yourself, decorate a page or the cover for them!

  8. 8. Tapestries

    Tapestries add beautiful, easy, and cost efficient art to any space. Etsy has loads of them, but every metaphysical store I have been to has their fair share in stock. Try to look for their favorite colors, designs, and something to match the aesthetic they already have in their room. If they don’t like to hang things on their wall, blankets are a good substitute.

  9. 9. Moon Decorated Anything

    Moon magic book on a wicca altar

    When I say anything, I mean anything. Moon jewelry, tapestries, wall art, mugs, clothing, books, anything. If they are witchy, chances are they are in love with the moon. Making them a card with the saying “I love you to the moon and back,” is also a great idea.

  10. 10. Fancy Jars

    What can’t you do with jars? They are storage, crafts, spells, decoration; the possibilities are endless! Go to your nearest thrift store and find really cool ones that are different shapes, sizes, and colors. Bonus points if you fill them with their favorite things!

Hope this helps you win over your witch!