Ways to Travel Abroad at Agnes Scott College

Under Summit, Agnes Scott encourages students to focus on Global Learning and Leadership studies. This journey begins during Scotties’ first year, in which they are required to take Global 101, Global 102, Leadership 101, and Leadership 102. After that, Agnes requires you to choose one specialization with your major, but leaves it up to you to decide whether or not you want to follow through with completing it. You do not have to end your studies abroad after your Global Journeys trip and you don’t have to study abroad for an entire semester to get away from the US! Here are some ways you can fulfill your desires to explore the world beyond Agnes Scott and even beyond the United States. 

  1. 1. Study Abroad

    While this is the most obvious answer, this is not the only option to study abroad. If you want to study at an international university, there are many choices for you. You can study abroad through an Agnes Scott affiliated program such as ISEP or through an independent program. Just be sure to note that there are credit limits for programs not affiliated with Agnes Scott. If you are considering a Study Abroad program, be sure to talk to your Summit advisor to help you figure out which countries and programs will work best for you. 

  2. 2. Schmidt Scholarship

    Schmidt Scholars are the Scotties that accompany the first years on their Journeys trips. They attend all of the Journeys 102 classes and join the Scotties on their trips. They are also required to take an additional two-credit course during the same semester. Although this is a large time commitment, it is an amazing opportunity and it is free of charge. While previous Schmidt Scholars are not eligible to apply again, this opportunity is open to all upperclassmen. Look for the application during the beginning of the Fall Semester on Carta. 

  3. 3. Global Studies Tour

    The Global Studies Tour, similarly to the Global Journeys program, provides Scotties with the opportunity to take a course to learn about a location and then travel to it at the end of the Spring semester. Unlike your First-Year trip, this opportunity is not free, but with the exception of Seniors, students are eligible for scholarships. Seniors are not eligible for scholarships because the trip takes place after graduation. If you are in the financial position to do so, it is an opportunity I would recommend. The application opens during the beginning of the Fall Semester so be on the lookout! 

  4. 4. Hubert Scholarship

    The Hubert Scholarship offers up to $3,500 dollars to Agnes Scott students to complete an international internship and $3,000 to complete a domestic internship. The application opens through CARTA and requires items such as an acceptance letter from the internship, essays, and other materials. You may use the scholarship to cover airplane fares, housing, and other things you may need for the internship. That being said, if your budget is what’s stopping you from being able to travel the world, this may be the option for you

While these are just a few of the options available to you as an Agnes Scott student, feel free to look for other opportunities both inside and outside the institution. Being able to see the world is a beautiful thing to experience, so be sure to take advantage of all well-fitting opportunities presented to you.