Top Scottie Picks for Coffee and Tea Spots in Atlanta

When you walk into any cafe in Atlanta or Decatur, the majority of people there are probably going to be college students. Atlanta is turning into a college city and what do college students need most? Caffeine! Everyone has their favorite place where they escape the crazy campus life. Whether we are studying or chilling with friends, coffee and tea houses are a huge part of college life. We polled Scotties far and wide to see which local spots are their favorites. Read on to see where all the Scotties are venturing out to get their caffeine fix.



This one was definitely the winner among the Scottie votes. Ebrik Coffee Room has two locations, one downtown and one located conveniently right next to Agnes Scott. Ebrik features a unique variety of coffee and tea, as well as some of the biggest cinnamon rolls you will ever see. Not only are the beverages amazing, but the cozy furniture and welcoming staff create a very inviting atmosphere. This is also my personal favorite so I highly recommend trying it if you have not!


Java Monkey


Java Monkey is a short walk from campus into Decatur Square, and every time you go there you will probably see at least one other Agnes Scott student. Java Monkey serves a wide variety of coffee, wine/beer, tea, and food. With lots of seating and an outdoor area, they are the perfect place to sit for a couple of hours if you have a big assignment. Java also utilizes their outdoor space to host lots of entertainers and their popular Sunday night open mic.


Dancing Goats

    The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar has many locations throughout Atlanta and Decatur. Closest to Agnes Scott, there is a location on Ponce De Leon Ave. right outside of Decatur Square. Dancing Goats is well known for their cute and cozy atmosphere. Plus, how can you resist when there are goats in the name of the shop….


Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

    Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party is located a little ways from campus near Candler Park. The whimsical decorations set it apart from your normal coffee shop hangout.  It’s a great place to grab some tea and scones, and shop for books while you’re at it! Their long tables (perfect for studying or hanging with friends) are flanked by a wide variety of used books for sale.


Cakes and Ale

    Cakes and Ale is located at the edge of Decatur Square and is a short walk from campus. Cakes and Ale is composed of a restaurant and a cafe. The cafe serves a variety of drinks, small plates, and desserts. The cafe has a bit of an upscale vibe compared to some other places in the area.



    This is a dog-friendly coffeehouse! What more is there to love? The shop also has a dog park, so even if you don’t have a dog, you can go and watch other people’s pups while enjoying a great cup of coffee.


Java Cats Cafe

    For the cat lovers out there, there is something for you too! Java Cats Cafe is a cafe where you can play with cats and do your homework, and all the cats are up for adoption. It is highly recommended to make a reservation for the cat lounge, but the coffee shop is always open to the public. So you can go here and check two things off of your to-do list: homework and getting a cat.


Sublime Doughnuts

    Closer to Georgia Tech, Sublime is a little bit more of a trek, but it’s open 24 hours! For those of you who do their best studying at 3 a.m., here’s your new spot. So grab a donut, some coffee, and your homework at any time of the day (or night).



Hodgepodge is definitely an Agnes Scott favorite. This shop is located in East Atlanta off of Moreland Ave. Hodgepodge has an extensive food and drink menu, but also sells local artwork and is home to the Atlanta Zine Library.


If you have not tried any of these places, take the opportunity of studying for finals to try somewhere new! And thank you to all the Scotties who put in their votes!


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