Throw A Presentation Party!

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and thought to yourself, “You know what would make this shindig better? Slideshows!” then I have a party theme that’s right for you.


The goal of this party is to give a presentation on something you’re passionate about. There is normally a time constraint and some sort of punishment for going over said restraint. The rules from the original tweet, which assumes alcohol consumption, are below.

For those of us that are underage or abstain from drinking, there are of course plenty of ways to riff on the alcohol portion. These could include having to chug a fizzy drink, eat an excessive amount of candy, or do a dare from an audience member. Beyond that, you could make the game your own by changing the amount of time the presenter gets, giving a theme for the presentations, banning or encouraging heckling, making people wear ridiculously fancy clothes, or creating new award categories.

I recently attended one of these types of parties, and had a great time. We added a potluck element to it, and I brought a s’mores dip. Also, for Agnes Scott students, the library loans out projectors, giving a touch of professionalism to the presentations. The themes varied greatly, from the Troubles (a violent conflict in Northern Ireland) to gay themes in M*A*S*H (an American television show).

Host one of these parties for yourself, and have fun while making public speaking more enjoyable!