Thrifting in Atlanta

Once upon a time you could not find me shopping outside of a mall. In all honesty, buying used clothes just didn’t appeal to me. As a both fashion savvy and broke college student I have recently grown to appreciate the art of thrift shopping. Not only is thrifting cost effective, it is ethical, minimizing your impact on the environment and takes away from companies mass producing cheap clothes with slave wages. The hunt can be a tricky one, however, rewarding if you know where to look.


Here are a few of Atlanta’s best thrift stores:


1. Kudzu

Technically Kudzu labels itself as an antique shop focused on kitschy home decor however it has a vast selection of objects for sale from 1950’s prom dresses to a jackalope head. You really never know what you might find. The clothes at Kudzu are priced a little higher than at other thrift stores but it truly has a superior collection which is appraised based on condition and time period. I would highly recommend Kudzu for holiday shopping. The store also has a very charming labradoodle who is welcoming to pets.


2. Buffalo Exchange

Located in the strip mall with the Plaza Theatre and the Majestic Diner, the Buffalo Exchange is a great place to buy and sell vintage clothes. You receive 30% of a garment’s appraised selling price in cash or 50% in store credit.This store does include some high-end brands and therefore has some less affordable items.

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3. Last Chance Thrift Store

While Last Chance Thrift Store may not look like anything special, it is truly a diamond in the rough. It is by far the cheapest thrift store I have been to in Atlanta. All of the clothes and accessories are priced with colored tags based on the item and each day on color is on sale. I was able to snag a pair of J.crew jeans for $2.00 on my first visit, which was a decent find although my friend has found a Prada bag there before.


4. Rag-o-Rama

Operates similarly to Buffalo Exchange, buying and selling gently used clothes and accessories, however they are more selective about what they will buy. Located in Little Five Points, Rag-o-Rama is known for it’s “funky” clothes. Even if you aren’t able to find anything for you, it is a really fun place to check out.

5. Out of The Closet

Here for every dollar you spend 96 cents is given to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS programs and services in the U.S. and abroad. There is also free HIV testing in store and an AIDS Healthcare Foundation pharmacy. This fabulous thrift store has clothes, accessories, books, and homegoods.


Every thrift store is full of hidden gems, you really never know what you might find. Thrifting can be esspecially helpful during the holiday season, it’s the perfect way to find unique and affordable gifts for everyone on your list. Have fun shopping!