Studying Abroad with Audrey Goodnight

Audrey Goodnight is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Music. Currently Audrey is studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary and will be back in time for Spring Semester and of course the traditional Black Ring Ceremony! This is not Audrey’s first time studying abroad, since through Summit she was able to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Below is a picture of Audrey’s class waiting for the meridian line to be crossed and show the astronomical noon illuminated.

Audrey is only a sophomore and has currently taken on the challenge of studying abroad and meeting all different types of people on this adventure. The first question I asked Audrey was what made her want to study abroad, and her response was, “my parents wanted me to make the most out of my college experience.” She continued to explain how she had always wanted to study abroad since the conversation of colleges began with her parents. Audrey’s grandma strongly influenced her decision to take on adventures, as she grew up hearing about her grandmother’s own adventures in Central Europe.


Due to the high expenses of studying abroad Audrey stated that most of her expenses were covered by her parents saving up for college as well as her own savings from things such as summer work. Along with her own expenses, Agnes Scott gave her the Agnes Advantage Award to go to the BSM Program. Originally, she wanted to go somewhere in Latin America to sharpen up her Spanish skills. Even though she did not end up there, she is studying Hungarian in Budapest and still gets the language component that she desired in her choice as to where she wanted to study abroad.

While Audrey is a sophomore, and most of her classmates are juniors, she believes that junior year is probably the best time to study abroad and her justification is that “it’s good for students to have a first year to acclimate to college and sophomore year to figure out what interests they have so they can pick a school/program that’ll do them the most good.” She continues to express that senior year is relatively stressful with planning for future options such as schooling or job applications.