Reacting to Irma in GIFs


Last week when we first heard that there was gonna be another hurricane following Harvey, we all had some interesting feelings. I would blame Taylor Swift for the disasters that have been occurring since she released her newest song, but that’s another story. Below are my feelings about Irma and the mess it is putting me through.


  • My mood when I first found out Mother Nature was coming for my life.

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  • When I heard it was gonna be in Florida, so I thought we were on the safe side.

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  • When I was under the impression that it’s just gonna be heavy rain and I was telling everyone there was no need to stress about it.

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  • When schools were closing so things got a little more intense yet colleges hadn’t announced anything yet.

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  • When I went to run casual errands and the stores looked like snowpocalypse round 3.

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  • When WSB-TV said there was gonna be a direct hit in the metro Atlanta area.

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  • Still waiting on Agnes to pull through/

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  • When Irma came/

Image result for gif of leave me here to die

However, in all seriousness, I hope everyone stays safe, especially those who have loved ones in Florida and the many other places that are being affected by the floods and hurricanes!