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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

So you’re in your final semester of your undergraduate studies, and you have no idea what is next. First of all, that is totally fine. Not having a plan is not even close the end of the world! If you don’t know where you are going after you walk across the stage, here are a few websites to help find your path after college.



Teach for America is a great opportunity to bring your passions into the classroom. If you are accepted into the program, you will have the chance to be placed in cities across America to teach. There is a two year commitment, and deadlines come up often for you to apply.


If teaching is an interest for you, and you want to take it abroad, Go Abroad is an awesome website to help find opportunities of teaching, interning, and becoming an Au Pair in countries around the world.


Indeed is a job website where you can curate your interests with your preferred location and find jobs that you may like. This is a great way to save any jobs you find interesting in your bookmarks and check back on them when you’re ready.


Broadening Your Mind

Audible allows you to read books you would never have the patience to sit down and read. Once you graduate, you will finally be able to choose the books you want to read rather than being assigned books to read! You can listen to books while you do the dishes, fold your clothes, and do other adult things. Free 30 day trial links can be found in most of your favorite Youtuber’s videos.


Meditation is the perfect way to center your mind as you go on your new journey. It will allow for your thoughts to become more organized while you map out where you are now and where you want to be. It also perfects your ability to focus on something for longer periods of time. The Calm app is what I use for meditation, but there are many more apps being created with different ways to practice mindfulness. Just check out your app store!


Lynda.com is the one stop shop for learned new skills! Visit this website if you want to build knowledge on things such as Photoshop and Smartsheet. This will be great for adding new skills to your resume!


Finding your new routine

Leaving the flow of a college life has thrown your routine out of whack. Take time to sit down and figure out how to implement your old routine into your new one. Pinterest has so many printable planner and goal setting layouts that fit any aesthetic!


If you are thinking big picture, and you want to find a routine that will lead you to your dream life day by day, try this writing exercise. It is called the Ten Year Plan  by Debbie Millman. On this website, there is a prompt where you are asked to write as much as you want about the life you are living ten years from now. According to Millman, you will be surprised at how accurate it becomes when you go back and look at it every year.


I hope these links were helpful! Don’t be scared of the future!


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