One Simple Thing to Do to Improve Your Week



When I first came to Agnes Scott, I imagined picnicking on the quad in early summer, spending time with my friends with the sun shining above. It seemed to fit the idealized college aesthetic of the beautiful campus. Once I got here, however, things were much different . Between a full schedule of academic work and failed attempts to get enough sleep, it never seemed to happen. But this week, forced out of my room for nearly a full day by a pest control spraying, it did eventually come to pass.

And let me tell you, it was incredible. From the comfort of my bed, I never remember how nice it is to simply be outside. Once out there, it dawns on me how much happier I feel simply experiencing nature. The grass is soft and the sun is warm. It is so peaceful. From a spot on the quad, one can watch the world go by. I cannot stress enough how strongly I recommend taking the time to sit down in the great outdoors and simply enjoy it. At the moment, the weather is perfect. Soon it will be a fully hot Georgia summer but right now, the temperature is ideal.

You may say, “I’m far too busy! Do you know how much work Agnes Scott assigns?” And believe me, I do. Adjusting to the schedule of college academics kept me inside for much of my first semester. However, there is no better place to study than sitting on a blanket in the grass. Things seem far more manageable when you work on them in a place that is peaceful. For me, it reduced my anxiety significantly. It is also a great opportunity to spend time with friends. You can both study together and socialize. Getting out of your room can be a great way to cheer up and being with friends allows you to keep it relaxed by taking breaks from studying to chat. Overall, something so simple as sitting on the quad with friends is more fulfilling than I could have imagined. It reminded me to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life while still allowing me to get things done.

If you choose to take this suggestion, might I offer a few tips:

  1. Bring a Blanket: sitting on the grass can be itchy, but the grass on this campus is extremely soft and plush because it is watered constantly, making blankets a very comfortable place for studying or taking a nap. If you don’t have a blanket, a beach towel can work equally well.

  2. Sunscreen: if you are someone who burns easily, take care to protect your skin. Wearing sunscreen is a good investment in the future, as it reduces risk of sun damage and skin cancer.  Even though it may not feel too warm some days, prolonged sun exposure can always cause burns. Pay special attention to areas that you may not think of immediately but that can burn easily, like your ears and the backs of your knees.

  3. Location: if you want to prevent overheating, pick a spot in the shade. This can create a cool study spot as well as allowing you to see your computer screen with far less difficulty. This makes it easier to either write an essay or watch Netflix. Might I suggest Queer Eye?

  4. Bugs: be aware of the fact that bugs come out in the evening around this time of year. Plan your timing accordingly or be prepared with bug spray to avoid bug bites and therefore, itchy misery.

Go forth and prosper, fellow Scotties!