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My Experience at the Instagrammable Makeup Store Winky Lux

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.



About three weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page and stumbled upon a picture of a blogger in a background of just lights. The picture immediately captured my attention because it reminded me of the Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibit by Yayoi Kusama (which will be open at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta on November 18th until February 17th). I thought to myself, “this is the closest I’ll get to seeing that exhibit,” so I hit up my friends and we ventured out to Lenox Mall to find this new shop and get some Instagram shots.

Upon arrival, the pop-up store was screaming fun. The bright yellow and pink colors took over the store and there was a small corner filled with their makeup collection which consisted of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and many more items. My friend asked one of the employees how we could get into the rooms and if they were free, and they told us that the next tour started in about 20 minutes and that it is all free ( they now charge $10 per person; however, you get a $10 voucher to spend on any of their products). Once it was time, one of the employees took us in and told us that there are nine rooms and only two minutes in each room. This completely took us by surprise because there were three of us and we needed to rush to take pics of everyone in an equal timeframe.

My friends and I had all our phones out ready to go and switched places the second someone else was done. This was quite stressful because for me personally because it was hard to come up with poses and get some good shots depending on the room you were in. So I suggest if you’re going with a group, have your go-to poses ready and make it happen in each room.

The rooms vary in experience from a wall of flowers to pillow heaven, you’re bound to find a room that is your aesthetic! In order to get a better idea of the rooms, check out their website to see some of the rooms and get a spark of inspiration. Overall, I thought the fully-immersive experience of the store was fun and we definitely got some good shots. However, I do recommend mapping out your strategy (if you’re serious like me about the Instagram game) so that you can have a successful shoot!

(via Winky Lux Instagram)