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Mindful Tips for Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

Spring Break is almost here. It doesn’t feel like it yet, but thankfully there’s just a couple of weeks in between you and (temporary) freedom. If you feel like you’ve been working your brain away and need an escape, here are five tips to help you pull off a last-minute getaway!

Gather some friends who might still be lingering around campus!

This will help not only create some memories, but will also help with finances because it’ll be easier to split up the cost of many things such as Airbnbs, Lyfts, or even gas #brokecollegestudent. However, it is perfectly fine for you to also have some time for yourself and escape!


Helpful Apps and Research

The great thing about social media and the digital age is that there are tons of apps out there that can help you find things to do whether that’s in a random state or in a city! Just look up the state and look at the geotags that come across on Instagram!

Also, research the place you’re going to beforehand so you have a better idea of how to plan the trip out. For example, Savannah, GA is known for its beach but also for all of the history tied to the city. So make sure you read up on as much as you can beforehand. 



Sign up for www.studentuniverse.com. Enough said. This site provides some great comparisons on flight and hotel rates, and if you’re planning on studying abroad soon, make sure you bookmark this website!


Track your Expenses

I know this sounds obvious, but often times we either underestimate or overestimate how much things cost, so make sure you have a tangible amount on you, in case of emergencies and a solid amount elsewhere. Having a budget set or an idea of how much was spent will help with future trip planning.


Have fun!

You’re off for two whole weeks! The next break won’t be for a while so make sure you have fun! Live in the moment and value the lessons you learn along the process of planning and being on actual break. You live and you learn, friends.