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Meet Lacey Wilson!

1. Tell us your name, major, year, and hometown. 

Lacey Wilson/English Literature-Creative Writing/First Year/Alpharetta, Georgia

2. Why did you choose Agnes Scott?

A lot of schools I applied to had very limited options in terms of majors, so when I saw that you can be a Creative Writing major here, that really pushed my decision.

3. You are really prevalent in theatre here at ASC, how did you get involved and why?

I knew that theatre would pretty much be my main extracurricular no matter what college I decided on. So at the activities fair during orientation I made a bee line for David Thompson and immediately signed up for the first Blackfriars information meeting.

4. When and why did you start becoming interested in theatre?

My siblings and my mom were really, really involved in theatre when I was growing up. So I’ve been in the environment since I was probably 2 or 3 years old. The thing that I love most about theatre is the community it creates. Everyone comes together and we all create something amazing by combining all of our talents. Another thing I love is the rush of a great performance. Making an audience feel anything, especially when you get a laugh on a funny line, is incredibly rewarding.

5. What is some advice you would like to give anyone interested in joining theatre as a prospective or current Scottie?

Give it a try. And try a couple of different things. I came into Blackfriars thinking I was only going to do crew, but after acting in Androcles and the Lion, I remembered how much I love being on stage.

6. What is your favorite work you have been involved in? What was your role?

Hands down my favorite show I’ve ever been in is Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by Tom Stoppard. I went to a small K-12 school in Norcross, Georgia and every year a group of really committed seniors would perform “Senior Project”, which I guess you can relate to Theatreworks that we do here. That year they needed a younger kid to play the son of one of the characters and since I knew all of the seniors really well from spending so much time backstage because my mom and sister were involved with other productions, they asked me! It was a great show, very challenging as an actor (and now thinking back on it, it was really intense for a seventh grader), emotional and thought provoking.

7. Do you want to continue your theatre work into the future?

Absolutely! I can definitely see myself acting and writing in the future. I recently got to work with an Agnes alum named Louisa Hill in both a dramatic writing workshop and I did a concert reading for her play “Riot Grrrl Saves the World”. She’s incredibly inspiring and working with her has fueled my interest in dramatic writing. 

8. You are also part of the upcoming and anticipated ASC radio station. Could you explain what that will be and what listeners can expect?

Right now we’re focusing on broadcasting online to Agnes Scott students, but one of our future goals is to purchase airspace. We’ll be having a mix of music and talk shows featuring different Scotties as DJs. We’d like to have a hand in promoting up and coming artists, so we’re definitely looking at college bands, singer-songwriters.

9. What is your role of the station? 

I’m the Content Committee Chair. So my job, and the job of everyone in my committee, is to find all that unknown talent and get the music. So if you, or anyone you know, is a musician looking to get some exposure, please contact me (awilson@agnesscott.edu)! We’re also responsible for looking over what each DJ wants to talk about on their show and we supervise theirs shows to make sure everyone is following the rules of broadcasting (no swearing, no being offensive). It’s a great opportunity and anyone who is interested should definitely contact us at radiofreeasc@gmail.com!

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Grace Spurgin

Agnes Scott

Grace Spurgin is a freshman at Agnes Scott College in the great Decatur-Atlanta area, but born and raised in sunny Tampa, Florida. She is double majoring in International Relations and Political Science in hopes of one day studying International law. She is an active member in Colonnade Club, which deals with alumnae events and relations, and Programming Board for all school event planning. She is the founder of the Agnes Scott chapter for Her Campus. She loves to travel and try any new things; for example, she is a certified deep sea diver!
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