Meet Jada Beasley '19

Kennedy Smith: Introduce yourself!

Jada Beasley: I’m Jada Beasley, more commonly known as Jada B! I’m from Chicago, IL. and I am a member of Agnes Scott’s third Posse. I like pizza, flowers, day naps, and scooping ice cream.

KS: What’s your major/minor?

JB: I am currently in the process of designing my own major in Film and Social Justice with a minor in Africana Studies.


KS: Did it change from what your major was when you first came to Agnes?

JB: Absolutely! I actually humored myself by initially intending on majoring in Neuroscience. I will say that my family at Agnes helped me to find what I was really passionate about.


KS: Do you remember when we first met?

JB: YES. I met you through another friend and we both thought you looked like Jurnee Smollett from the movie Roll Bounce! LOL.

KS: What did you want to be when you grew up? How has it changed now?

JB: Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. One summer my mom forced me to participate in a law school program and I immediately knew I had to escape. Once I knew the logistics of the job, I realized that I needed a career in which I could express myself while also helping others.


KS: Do you have plans to study abroad?

JB: I hope I’m able to study abroad during the summer of 2018, but I have no idea where to go. Help!


KS: What is your favorite place (city, room, restaurant)?

JB: The heart of Devin Morrison.

KS: How has going to a women’s college changed you (compared to if you went to a co-ed college)? Do you think it would have been just as easy to find your passion?

JB: Going to a women’s college has both empowered and inspired me. I am surrounded by so many amazing women and they inspire me to be my best self every day.


KS: If you could only wear one pair of shoes that you own, which ones would they be?

JB: My four-year-old black acid wash cloth converse for sure.


KS: What is your favorite movie on Netflix?

JB: Pulp Fiction


KS: What do you do during your study breaks?

JB: I either nap, binge watch any show I’m currently watching, or take a walk in the square.


KS: If you could learn three other languages right now, what would they be?

JB: French, Italian, and I would continue studying Arabic.


KS: How would you want to be remembered? Answer with five words or less!!

JB: As an uncaged spirit.




KS: The Challenge on MTV or Are You the One on MTV?

JB: The Challenge. I love competition!


KS: Tomatoes or grapes?

JB: Grapes, just not the green ones!


KS: Butter pecan ice cream or mint chocolate ice cream?

JB: Ew to both, but I guess mint chocolate!


KS: Stripes or solids?

JB: Stripes.


KS: Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?

JB: Summer!


KS: Decatur, Georgia or Chicago, Illinois?

JB: Chi-town Chi-town!


KS: Never smell again or never taste again?

JB: Very hard, but smell I guess.


KS: Gel for your edges or gel for your eyebrows?

JB: Eyebrows.


KS: Good answer!!!!!! Thanks for being my interviewee.

JB: Anytime, Ken!