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Meet the Delightful Makaila Powe, ‘19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

Makaila Powe is an all-around wonderful person to know. She has a lively sense of humor and is a constant delight to her friends – warm, kind and considerate.

HC: Why did you choose to come to Agnes Scott?

MP: I wanted to go to a women’s college, and Agnes offered me the most money. So that’s why. Also, I really like the atmosphere, but that was just a bonus.

HC: So what’s your major here at Agnes?

MP: It was a psychology philosophy double major but then… I didn’t want to do that. So now it’s just a psych major and philosophy minor, but who knows if I’ll keep philosophy.

HC: Why the hate on philosophy?

MP: I like philosophy, but I only like ethics and moral philosophy and I don’t care about the other parts. Like logical positivism? Who cares? Irrelevant. #irrelevant. #useless

HC: Why do you find the philosophy of ethics and morality compelling?

MP: I don’t know. I think it’s easier to relate those things to current issues. And also, it ties into psychology and understanding people’s motives. So that’s probably why. It’s probably because it’s most closely related to psych.

HC: Where are you from?

MP: You know, I’m from a place that exists… Let’s not go with that. I’m originally from New Orleans, but I’ve lived in Georgia for most of my life. But my parents are both from Louisiana so we don’t claim Georgia. Basically, I was rooting for the Falcons to lose.

HC: What do you miss most about New Orleans?

MP: My family. All my dad’s side is in New Orleans, and all my mom’s side is in Louisiana and Mississippi. We’re the only ones in Georgia.

HC: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

MP: Huh. I like to be on Tumblr or watching youtube videos or hanging out in someone’s room and bothering them. Those are my go-to’s.

HC: Any last things you’d like to tell us about yourself?

MP: I like cats, I’m bi, I can’t fight, don’t fight me, please. Oh! I like candy. But not chocolate. That’s it.

HC: Okay. Thank you Makaila.

MP: Thanks, Sarah!


I'm a sophomore at Agnes Scott College majoring in business management and minoring in studio art. I plan to work in publishing some day, and I'm a huge book lover. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, and I blog about them over on The Illustrated Page (https://theillustratedpage.wordpress.com/). But here on Her Campus I'll be writing about all sorts of things.
Elizabeth Wolfe

Agnes Scott '18

Elizabeth is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Agnes Scott. As a Junior at Agnes Scott, she is majoring in English-Literature and Political Science with a focus on human rights. Currently, she is an intern for Atlanta's premier alt-weekly magazine Creative Loafing.