I Started a Youtube Channel: Travel Edition



Like many people of our generation, I am OBSESSED with YouTube. Need to learn how to dance? YouTube. Want to know how to change a tire? YouTube. Need help studying for your history test? YouTube. Want to watch someone eat noodles for thirty minutes? Oddly enough, YouTube.


I always like to start my day by watching videos from my favorite vloggers. From comedy to cook, I know I will learn something new from the videos I see each day. David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Binging with Babish, GMM, and so many others make videos for millions to view. As one of those millions, I am so excited each week to see new content from these creators. I never thought, not once, that I would one day call myself a YouTuber. That was, until I filmed my first YouTube video.

So why did I start a YouTube channel? While packing for my study abroad semester in Northern Ireland, I started reflecting on my hopes for the next couple of months. What came to the forefront of my mind was that I desperately wanted to soak up every moment I was away. What’s more, I wanted to be able to look back and remember all the incredible time I had. So I thought to myself: “What will make me take up every opportunity and still record every moment?” That’s when it hit me.


I could do like all my idols had done: I could document my travel on YouTube.


To get started, all I needed was a Google account and voila! Margaret Poore, the YouTuber was born. With my camera on my iPhone, I started filming little bits of my experience. At first, it was so odd to video myself while talking to the camera. And I’ll be real, it’s still pretty odd to talk only to myself when others are around. After awhile though, I had enough confidence to finish filming my video! I downloaded a free editing software called lightworks, and in a few short hours, my iphone clips had transformed into my very first YouTube video.

Check it out here!