How A Tiny Kitten Became My Worst Enemy

Kittens are cute, right? Of course they are! From my experience I can say that it’s almost impossible to resist gawking at a tiny animal and wanting to take it home and start a new life with a little, furry friend.

(Image via George Bonev on Unplash

But that was until the afternoon of October 27th of this year. After my last class that Friday, I headed over to the school dining hall to get some lunch when a friend called me over to look at kittens that were playing in some bushes. They were so adorable and tiny, playing with each other and curiously staring at onlookers. After talking with some people about them I decided to get some food and head back to my dorm.

Around 10 minutes after I got back, a friend knocked on my door to tell me about some distressed meowing she heard while walking back from the dining hall. Being the animal lover that I am, I immediately left my room and the two of us went to check things out.

Unfortunately, a kitten had fallen down a drainage pipe and was unable to get out. After alerting people about the accident, a small crowd accumulated around the site and we all waited around while some people stuck their arms down the pipes to try and grab the kitten and Public Safety was alerted.


Then out of the blue, another kitten darted out of nowhere, ran around frantically, and nosedived down the drainage pipe. Three people, including myself and another student, all reached down after it and successfully kept it from having the same fate as its sibling. I had the best grip on it so I lifted it out of the drainpipe and in the process, it scratched the other student and managed to get a death grip on my finger with its mouth. After handing the kitten off to someone, we had to solve one issue… did the cat have rabies?

(Image via Daniel Frank on Unplash)

Since no one knew the details about the cat, we ended up at the ER and were told we had to get one vaccine. Turns out, it wasn’t just one vaccine… it was four for me and five for the other student. Then we were told we had to get three more shots three days, seven days, and fourteen days after our original shots. Never in my life would I have imagined myself being in this sort of situation. It’s now a constant reminder that even the smallest things can have the biggest bite.