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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

They say college is the best time of your life or that you “find your bridesmaids” in college. So with a small college likes Agnes Scott, it seems like it would be easy to find your group of friends. This may not be the case for everyone though. It takes a while for some people to open up and be themselves after growing up and being in the same environment throughout their whole life. However, if you want a squad as aesthetically pleasing as the Breakfast Club, then you have some ways to accomplish that.

Do not confine yourself to your room when you do not need to! Venture out in the student center or dining hall. Sit with a different person, or group of people. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone, just use the usual introductory questions like what is your major, where are you from, why did you choose this college? By then you can see some commonality and talk about those. Don’t be afraid to ask them to hang out with you! Show each other your dorms and hang out for a bit and maybe introduce them to your roommate!

Another great idea is to sit in the lounge as you are watching your favorite show. Maybe someone else who loves the show will come and join you! The lounge is a great spot to hang out and chill before you begin your homework or restrict yourself to your room or library for studying purposes. You may be scared to approach someone and befriend them, however in college you’ll find that most people are on the same boat about friends. If you are a first year, upperclassmen tend to be completely open to new friendships so that they can help you as a first year!

There are also many different social events that happen on campus such as bingo, trivia, open forums and events that your RA’s plan that are meant for you to socialize with others! Take advantage of those events, and find your crowd. You may just walk up to someone from your class who is sitting with their group of friends, therefore expanding your networking and connecting opportunity. The possibilities are endless! Take the opportunity to attend local events around campus and strike up the conversation. In college, you have to force yourself to step out of your comfort zone and interact with peers. Meeting different people allows for different stories to be heard and experiences to happen. You may think you will not connect at all with an extremely extroverted personality, however it can be good because they may bring out a side of you that you never knew about! Do not be afraid to have all types of people in your squad.

A research study by Purdue University shows that in the future, college friends who are in a long distance relationship, “suggest that the investment of resources in the friendship and similarity between friends facilitate friendship longevity.” Meeting different types of people and talking to several people on campus can help build those essential networking and connecting opportunities for your future! A great way to connect and network with upperclassmen is by joining some clubs and being an active member in them. Therefore, you are expanding your friend group by meeting different types of fellow students who also are also active. Be the infamous squad on campus and allow for others to join in. Remember you are not in high school anymore, so let go of the cliques!

MeaResea is an alumna of Agnes Scott College where she majored in Economics and minored in Spanish. She recharted the HCASC chapter in the fall semester of 2016. She served as the Editor-in-Chief and President of Her Campus at Agnes Scott. Her favorite quote and words that she lives by are, "She believed she could, so she did." -Unknown http://meareseahomer.agnesscott.org/