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Home for the holiday’s is a common concept in society, but it’s not always plausible. Many don’t have homes to go to, and the holidays are a stressful time. Whether that home is physical or emotional, many will go without it these Holiday’s. It can be hard hearing that we have to leave or pay over 100 dollars a week to stay at our on-campus home during the break, and fend for themselves with meals. Especially when some of us have nowhere safe to go.

There are many lgbtqia+ students at Agnes Scott, and more often than not holiday’s are extremely stressful. Holiday’s can be dangerous for those that are or are not in the closet that are going home. It can be a toxic environment, and sometimes lgbtqia+ students have nowhere to go because their blood-related family members won’t allow them to come back. The Holiday’s are a rough time for those that aren’t accepted, and these people need all the support they can get.

Homelessness is a recurring theme for many students. College and school in general is expensive, and not everyone or their family’s have the money to support them. Many students this year will have nowhere to go for the holiday’s. They won’t have warm meals or beautiful presents. Plane rides and cruises to new lands are things of dreams. Fancy clothing that will get them a hundred compliments, and even what some would see as basic toiletry products are too expensive.

Holiday’s are beautiful times and should be celebrated. Many get money and nice clothes during the Holiday’s, so keep in mind that many would love your old clothes, food that you aren’t using from your pantry, and things you aren’t using. Also, there are many donation websites to help those that are struggling this year. If not because you’re selfless, then do it for the good karma.

Not everyone can afford or has the resources to help, but sweet messages are worth a million presents. Keep your peers in your heart and mind these Holiday’s as we split for nearly a month. Check in on them, send them caring messages, or something else from the heart. Holiday’s can be a depressing time for many. Everyone can use a little Holiday cheer to shine some light and warmth on their gloomy days.

Best wishes and warmest regards, Ellie.

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Ellie Shaw

Agnes Scott '25

Hi, my name is Ellie! I am a mother of four beautiful kitties. My hobbies and joys include reading, writing, performing, and anything artsy. I am a first year and my intended major is biology related, but I am still undecided. If you see me on campus, I will probably be speed walking to my next class, club, or fried chicken Wednesday. If you hear me talking to myself, I promise I'm rehearsing...