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Give and take Solace from Puerto Rico

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

As part of my Journeys trip in 2016, I had the absolute pleasure of exploring the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This trip meant so much to me because I was able to escape the bubble I was in and branch out to another place to find some solace and learn about myself. The people were some of the most kind-hearted souls ever; Southern hospitality has nothing on the generosity of Puerto Ricans. I got to bond with my classmates and looking back, I would not change a thing. Not even the hike we did through El Yunque while I was sick and the overwhelming amount of beaches we saw. However, little did I know that this little island would no longer be the same two years later.

“We love our community”

    Most of us are aware that Puerto Rico is in a terrible condition where many are without power and the repairs could take months. While there are many relief efforts that are asking people to donate necessities like feminine hygiene products, bottled water, or first aid kits, there is a dire need for monetary donations so that the money can be allocated efficiently enough to accommodate the needs properly. There are several organizations that are asking for money so that they could handle the essentials themselves. UNICEF is asking for a donation of $28 that would cover the cost of a kit that consists of essentials like water purification tablets, hygienic products and many other. Find out more information about how to donate here.

    Another organization that is requesting for help is Global Giving, and this project’s goal is to raise $10,000,000 for long-term support within the area of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Although the amount seems impossible to reach, there have been 32,990 donors that have helped reach to $4,369,671. The system allows for either one-time payments starting at $15 but also includes the option of giving monthly. So possibly put aside $15 to help give long-term support. Although it seems like you may not be making much of an impact, the $15 could go far and help in some way or another. Donate to the relief fund here.    I will always appreciate the island and the solace it gave me, and I hope that this inspires you to give solace to those things that you have taken solace from. If anyone is interested in lending their support to the people of Puerto Rico, email our own Spanish professor, Dr. Ocasio!

Elizabeth Wolfe

Agnes Scott '18

Elizabeth is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Agnes Scott. As a Junior at Agnes Scott, she is majoring in English-Literature and Political Science with a focus on human rights. Currently, she is an intern for Atlanta's premier alt-weekly magazine Creative Loafing.