Freshen Up Your Spotify Playlists for this Fall


Spotify playlists hold a special place in my heart. As an avid music listener, I love curating playlists based on different moods, people, or events happening in my life. They allow you to express your personality through music and the general vibe that the playlist gives off. I find that sometimes these Spotify playlists can begin to drag down you feed; as much as I love album art, sometimes the four albums collaged together doesn't represent the feeling that I want from a playlist. If the vibe from your playlist means almost as much as the music on it, here are some tips about how to make your playlists feel how you want them to.

1: Add a Picture to your Playlist

This tip was one of the first things I learned how to do on a playlist and it changes the entire feeling. This feature only works on a computer, but if you have Spotify on your laptop, you can easily edit a playlist to have any photo you want: a picture of your friends, flowers, signs, or anything in between! It makes the playlist personal to you.

To do this, click on the three dots next to the green play button, then select ‘edit details.’ This will pull up a screen where you can edit things such as the title, description, and playlist art. Simple as that!



2: Title it Something you’ll Remember

This one is really simple but can change how a playlist feels when you listen to it. I always put funky titles for my playlist so when I’m in a specific mood, I know exactly what playlist I want. I also space out each letter for an extra effect. You might not be able to change the font, but you can make it look interesting with simple things!

If you do this on a computer, just follow the directions above. This one you can do on your phone, too! Just click the three dots in the top right corner and select “rename.” Voila!


3: Add a Description

This isn’t much, but it will make the playlist feel a bit more professional. It could just be a few words on why you’re making the playlist or a message to someone, but to me it makes a playlist feel much more complete.

This addition is also something you can only do on the computer, but just follow the steps from number 1 and you will find where to write your description!



4: Look at the Recommended Songs to Add

Below a playlist there are always songs to add based on the content you’ve put in. I used to not look down there and see if there was anything interesting, but I’ve found some songs that I ended up listening to all the time through it. It is a fun way to find new music in genres you already enjoy.

For this one, just scroll down to below the playlist and you’ll find the recommended songs. Click the add button and it will be automatically added to that playlist.



5: Make it Collaborative

This is one of my new favorite tips when it comes to Spotify! In the playlist settings, you can change a playlist so others can add to it. I found it extremely useful when my roommate and I were making a playlist for move-in day, as well as making a playlist with my friend who is in Portland, Oregon for college.

On either your computer or your phone, go to the three dots and select “make collaborative”! It’s a super simple way to connect with friends.

These tips are easy but can change the way you make playlists in the future. I hope you can use some of these when making your next playlist!