Five Ways to Get Back in the Game after Spring Break

After a week of no assignments, lectures, or exams, it can be  hard trying to get back on track and into the swing of things with our hectic schedules and campus activities. So, here are five ways to get back on track after the fun of spring break.

Get Organized  

  • Reviewing assignments and laying out upcoming commitments can ease the stress of the end of the semester, as finals, papers, and projects can creep up on us if we’re not prepared. Looking over course syllabi to see what assignments are due in your courses and brainstorming how to tackle your course load can be helpful, i.e. bullet journaling, writing in a planner or journal, or even using study apps and putting in what is due, such as My Study Life and Todait. Even looking back at old assignments from earlier in the semester can be helpful to refresh our memories of what may have been forgotten over the break.

Get Rested

  • Going on vacation, partying, and staying up all night over break, can disrupt the sleep schedule we have during school. Making a habit of going to bed on time and getting enough sleep to get prepared for the end of the school year, and getting your body back on track with your class schedule can be helpful. Going to bed a few minutes earlier than usual can help your body regenerate and get back on your normal sleep cycle.

Get Motivated

  • As the semester comes to a close, setting attainable and reasonable goals can help motivate us. Make a list of some goals that you would like to achieve, such as finding ways to better prepare for finals and getting better grades to finish out the semester strong.

Get Involved

  • Getting involved with campus activities and even getting in touch with professors to see what needs to be done to end the semester with a bang. Maintaining a good schedule and making a list of things you want to accomplish for the end of the semester can help with motivation and campus involvement.

Get Detoxed

  • For some us, going on break also meant breaking from our diets, going out to eat, consuming a lot of junk foods, or even indulging in a couple of margaritas or daiquiris. Making sure to detox our bodies from what we may have indulged in over the break can help you be of sound mind and body to finish the semester. Going to on campus yoga, going to the gym, or even cutting out sodas or sweets can help you rejuvenate from the break.


So, making sure to follow these five simple rules can help you ease your back into the game after a long, fun break, and using these tip to finish out the semester strong.