A Day in the Life of a Scottie as told by Gavin

If you haven’t heard of Gavin, then you’re doing this whole life thing wrong. Gavin is a 6-year old kid from Minnesota, who rose to his internet fame when his uncle, Nick Mastodon started using Vine to showcase Gavin’s daily struggles. Our friend, Gavin, has the best reactions and therefore has become the new face of memes. In lieu of crazy midterms approaching, here are ways Gavin describes a day in the life of a Scottie.

When you hear the lawn mowers and birds chirping at 7 a.m. that are basically acting like your alarm for class.

Walking to class and being intimidated by the squirrels that are taking over Agnes day by day.

When you look at your professor knowing nothing's making sense yet they still call on you.

Seeing the Black Cat rush.

When you see the usual options at Evans and want to cry on the inside.


When you check your mail and your package has, indeed, arrived.

After a long day of classes, you finally can go back home and take a nap…

But then realize it’s laundry day.


It’s finally dinner time and if it’s Meatless Monday, you’re contemplating between Chik-fil-A or Mollie’s.

When you’re trying to convince yourself that homework is a social construct and doesn’t need to be done, right?

When you end your night with a Her Campus Meeting at 7:30 p.m. in Winship Basement.

Good Luck on Midterms, everyone!