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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.


The holy month of Ramadan is approaching for Muslims, and during this month Muslims fast (abstaining from food/water) from sunrise till sunset. The month is dedicated to spiritually and religiously connecting with God through means of asking for forgiveness, charity, praying and removing all distractions as well as sinning. This month acts as a cleanse essentially. Throughout my years of fasting, below are five common misunderstandings/questions I hear about Ramadan.

“Not even water?”

Yeah, hate to break it to you but not even water. From sunrise till sunset, we aren’t allowed to drink or eat anything! #endurancegamestrong

We dread Ramadan

When I tell most people about Ramadan approaching, they automatically assume that it’s hard and dreadful for me. I will admit, in the beginning it is hard, but many Muslims including myself find it very rewarding! It may sound awful to those that don’t fast but at the end of the day it’s amazing to see the Ramadan attitude transcend everywhere.

“What about pregnant women?”

Pregnant, elderly, sick, traveling, or #tom are all excused from fasting during this time period. Sometimes many pregnant women or elderly people still try to fast during the day though.

“I shouldn’t eat in front of you.”

That’s sweet of you to consider! However, don’t worry, it’s totally find if you eat in front of me. Some Muslims may not feel comfortable with you eating in front of them but majority that I know are used to it!

“What happens if you accidentally eat something?”

It depends. Often times those that ACCIDENTALLY eat something really had no intention to break the fast therefore they still continue to fast. However, those that do give in, the fast becomes invalid due to the intentional action.

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