Color Thoughts on Colourpop

I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict. During spring break I found myself on the Colourpop website, ordering a whole lot of makeup despite the fact that I do not have a steady source of income. In my defense they were having a 20% off sale, but still do I have the money to be buying makeup? No. Did I need any of this makeup? No. Do I regret buying it? No, because i am in love with everything I bought. I thought for today I would go through my order and give my thoughts on the things I got and also just review the brand Colourpop as a whole. Also as a disclaimer, I’m mostly addicted to eye products so the majority of things I bought are eye products.    


So Juicy Plumping Gloss in Dress Code

So right after I say I’m addicted to eye products, I’m going to talk about a lip product, but I feel like this product deserves more recognition than it’s getting. I feel like this product got forgotten about in the plethora of Colourpop launches and it doesn’t deserve that. This is one of my favorite gloss formulas ever; It’s a plumping gloss, which I love, but it isn’t too intense and it’s very minty and cooling on the lips. It is a very thick gloss so if you don’t like that feeling this product probably isn’t for you . It is like a standard gloss, but on steroids. As far as the color, I love the shade Dress Code. It looks very intense in the tube, but is very sheer and allows for your natural lip color to come through. I think this color is universal and will look good on a variety of skin tones. The packaging of this product is brillant: a squeezy tube perfectly sized to throw in your bag and apply throughout the day. I think this product is perfect for anyone who loves a good gloss and there is a color for everyone.


Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette

This palette was part of Colourpop’s fall collection and I tried for so long to resist buying it. But finally, after watching so many videos about how good this palette was and seeing how many people said this was their favorite palette from 2018, I caved in and bought it. And honestly I see why people were going crazy for it. The color story is absolute perfection. I don’t think I have anything in my collection with this color story. And I love the Colourpop eyeshadow formula so the colors are not only beautiful to look at, but perform beautifully. If you are at all interested in having a palette with this these types of colors you should consider this one.


Jelly Much Shadow in Hallucingenius

The Jelly Much shadows by Colourpop are very interesting. The best way I can describe them are a liquid eyeshadow, but in the form of a mousse. They are great because they have no fallout and can be layered on top of or beneath an eyeshadow. The color I got, Hallucingenius, is one of their sheerer colors and is meant to be more of an eyeshadow topper. It brings a really nice duochrome metallic color to a look. I think this product is good for someone who wants to try new textures in their makeup and also loves products that enhance eye looks. However I feel people who are beginners may have trouble applying this and the majority of people don’t really have the need for a product like this. Side note: I hate how they call this a “jelly” when it doesn’t feel anything like a jelly, it is mousse. But I guess Mousse Much Shadow sounds pretty bad.

(Left swatch is with one coat and the right is with two coats)


BFF Mascara in Blue Ya Mind

I have not owned a blue mascara since I was a tiny middle schooler obsessed with Hot Topic. And why did I ever stop? I love the blue color of this mascara, it is loud and proud. I think it gives a nice pop of color to any look. Also the formula is great. Very volumizing and it doesn’t flake off or smudge. Colourpop offers this mascara is a variety of colors and I may have to get another one if I ever find myself making an order again. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to play with color, but maybe in a more subtle way like in a mascara.


Glitterally Obsessed in Hopeless Romantic

The Glitterally Obsessed product is basically glitter suspended in a clear gel. It can be used all over the body, but technically it is not eye safe. Does this factor stop me from using it on my eyes? No. I do not have sensitive eyes so I felt pretty safe putting this on my eyelids, but if you are sensitive I would say use it on other parts of your body. I love this shade I bought. It has small holographic round glitter in it with large heart shaped glitter. It is so eye-catching and beautiful. The only con of this product is that glitter does get everywhere. Not as much as with a traditional loose glitter, but it is the nature of glitter to get everywhere. I have found the best way to get this off is not with a makeup wipe, but with water. Just splashing water on your face removes this stuff pretty well. My theory is that the gel the glitter is in is dissolved by water, so it loses its adhesive and comes off.


As you can tell from my short review of each product I like everything I recieved. Somethings I liked more than other, but I can’t say I bought any bad products. For the brand as a whole, I like Colourpop and I would recommend them. Their prices are low, their products are high quality and cruelty-free. My one complaint is the brand’s excessive amounts of new releases. It seems everyday they are coming out with new products. I feel this feeds into the capitalist mindset, too much for my taste. Also the impact it has on the environment has to be astronomical. I wish that brands like Colourpop would slow down their release and allow us, the consumers, to enjoy their products before bombarding us with new products.