Anything for the 'Gram: 5 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Atlanta

If you’re anything like me, then the Instagram game is real. “Anything for the gram,” as I say. Last week, my friends tagged along with me to go to this bridge that I’ve been dying to go to for over a year now, and let’s just say, I was so happy to see the beautiful Atlanta skyline. Down below are five spots where you can have your next Insta photo shoot!

Jackson Street Bridge


This bridge had been on my list of places to check out for the longest. If you enjoy a nice skyline and a view of the city, then this is the place for you. I highly recommend going just a little before sunset to get the best shot!


Atlanta Beltline


This one is a classic; there are multiple styles of artwork as you walk across the beltline, including brick art and sculptures. Keep a lookout for a lot of the hidden gems as you make your way through the path!


Krog Street Tunnel


If you’re into street art then Krog Street Tunnel is the perfect place for your street style aesthetics. You can either check this place out during the day to get the best lighting or go at night and capture the essence of the tunnel.


Atlanta Botanical Gardens


(Image from Atlanta Botanical Gardens website)

Okay, so personally I have not gone to this place, but it makes me reconsider nature and my relationship with it. The garden offers a variety of artwork that incorporates different elements of nature, such as the Earth Goddess, waterfalls, and fountains. However, ticket purchase is necessary to visit!


Jeni’s or Butter and Cream


(Image from to Calyx Bryant)

First of all, are you really a Scottie if you haven’t hit up at least one of these places?! While the ice cream is great at both places (I know there is a war about which one is better) the aesthetics are so cute. Butter and Cream has a whimsical yet comforting appeal to the place while Jeni’s has a classy chic vibe, so next time you’re at either place take a picture with your ice cream!

Whenever you’re in the city and need some pics for the Gram, make sure you hit up these places and see the beauty in them. I expect a witty caption as well! Special thanks to Ramnik Kaur, ‘19 for helping me compile the list!