Aminah Badmus ‘23: Future Business Lawyer and Entrepreneur

          The first year of college is filled with fun and excitement while moving into dorms and the first week is designed to get students acclimated to the campus. Agnes Scott does great with aiding students in becoming more comfortable with moving away from home and continuing their journey here, which includes a lot of icebreaker events and class bonding exercises. The college is adamant about making sure no Scottie is left behind. Although, like any great establishment, when a student begins to feel alone in this journey the school isn’t always brought into the loop. So, many struggle in silence. I would like to introduce you to Aminah Badum, a current Agnes Scott freshmen, as she shares her experience thus far. 

HC: So, why did you choose Agnes Scott? 

AB: I chose Agnes Scott because they gave me a lot of money to attend this school and it was very close to my house. I didn’t want to leave at all. 

HC: What is your major and what led you to this choice? 

AB: I’m majoring in Business Management. Initially, I chose Business Management because my job paid for it, but as I continued to attend classes, I realized that what I want to do is open up a small business. 

HC: Hold up, your job paid for your major? 

AB: Publix, they give me a scholarship.

HC: You stated that you wanted to own a small business. What do you aspire to be? 

AB: Yes, I would like to own a business, but the ultimate goal is to become a business lawyer or any type of lawyer. A business lawyer is the top of the pedestal for me. 

HC: What clubs/organizations are you involved in? 

AB: I’m involved in the Publius Pre-Law Society. Though, I do want to join a lot more organizations; like, Ophelia and Mock Trial, but I feel as though they are not accessible because i don’t know who runs them or who to contact to get more information about the clubs. HC: How does your involvement with Publius feed into your success? 

AB: Since I aspire to be a lawyer, it is a great opportunity for me to network. We were recently visited by the UGA School of Law and they talked about how UGA would be a great choice for undergraduates pursuing the Pre-Law track. 

HC: Do you think Agnes is preparing you for your desired career? 

AB: Yes and no. I mean, I am a business major and I’m enrolled in economics and business classes which is perfect for someone who wants to be a business major. Though, seeing as I want to be a lawyer and I haven’t received any support or information back about pursuing a Pre-Law track at Agnes.

HC: What is your favorite childhood memory? 

AB: I guess it would be simple stuff like riding a bike in my neighborhood when school’s out. 

HC: If you could change one thing from your past, would you? 

AB: Oh, yes. Definitely, the things I’ve said to the friends I’ve lost. I’ve tainted some friendships because of how blunt, and honest I am. Sometimes I wish I could just go back and keep to myself or said it in a nicer way. 

HC: So, Unicorns or Rainbows? 

AB: Woah! Unicorns obviously, you can ride them. 

HC: Any advice for underclassmen? 

AB: I hear Agnes is thinking about implementing an LSAT course which I think would be pretty cool and we need more classes to prep want-to-be lawyers. More networking events or something like CWS, but for law students. Also, partnerships and internship opportunities with law firms. Other than Publius, I am not receiving any help on my Pre-Law journey, any help would do.  

          While Agnes Scott provides a large range of academic majors and emotional assistance, there are those who fall between the cracks during their first year in attendance. Ms. Badum is speaking to the confusion she has experienced thus far in pursuit of her career goals. It stands that Agnes could be doing more to inform first-year students of the way Agnes Scott operates to avoid future students from feeling so alone on their journey.