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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Muslim Women

By: Zaina Anwer

Her Campus Agnes Scott is excited to be collaborating with Agnes' Muslim Student Alliance in order to feature Muslim voices all week in honor of Muslim Women's Day on March 27th. To kick off the week, here is a quick read of 8 things you didn't know about Muslim women!


1. Muslim women LOVE fashion!

We always find modest ways to be trendy and show our own individual style. Our hijab styles can be wrapped in a ton of different ways (each with their own names, of course) Abayas are a fashion statement and come in super beautiful and elegant styles. Check out Modanisa and Inayah.

Beautiful @summer.shaker ?

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2. We have our own community of Muslim style icons and celebrities that we follow and basically obsess over.

Sometimes, we feel underrepresented in the fashion and entertainment world, but luckily, times have changed and we have style icons like Dina Tokio! Instagram is filled with GORGEOUS Muslim bloggers, actresses, and YouTubers that inspire us to stay slayin’ and pious all at once.


3. Muslim women are ATHLETIC!

We don’t let hijab or dressing modestly hinder our athletic ability. Nike recently launched sport hijabs and we were TOTALLY here for it. We love supporting our Muslim sisters like American fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad who show the world that Muslim women are strong, determined, and pretty badass!


4. Muslim women enjoy the beach just as much as the next girl!

Just because we cover up, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy laying out on the beach or splashing around the ocean.  Lucky for us, in 2007, Muslim Australian, Aheda Zanetti, launched the Burkini- basically swimwear for Muslim women! (We are SO thankful for that!!)


5. We are Career Women!

No, we are not destined to be housewives. No, we aren’t married off the second we turn 18. We have goals- very distinguished goals at that. Whether we want to be the next big shot surgeon or run for Senate, we fight (and study) hard for what we want to achieve. When one door closes, a hundred open!


6. We DO have bad hair days.

Just because some Muslim Women wear Hijab doesn’t mean we don’t have hair, care about our hair, or don’t style it. Just like any girl, we make sure we keep our hair looking fresh. We style it and care for it just like the next girl-- so yes, we also do have bad hair days… and we embrace it! Not only do we have to make sure we maintain our hair, we also have to make sure our Hijab is wrapped well too! (We get bad hijab days too…)


7. We are just like YOU!

Just because we are Muslim, doesn’t mean we aren't like the regular girl or woman. We love (literally LOVE) to shop, get dressed up and do our makeup, hang out with our friends etc. We do things like society the same way anyone does. Sure, we do things a little differently, but in the end, we are here for a good time just like you!


8.  Muslim Women are CONFIDENT!

No matter how society depicts us, we are FAR from oppressed. We are just strong, incredible women who are goal-oriented and social butterflies. We don’t let hate stop us from reaching success and enjoying life.



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