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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

Our “new normal” can seem pretty daunting, especially when we are being forced out of our comfort zones. Being that Agnes has not ever had online classes pre-COVID, both students and professors alike will be navigating uncharted territory. Here are some tips to help you through your new and unexpected schedule.

Keep a list of every single assignment handy

I don’t mean write it on a napkin and throw it in your bag, I mean write it on a post-it note and stick it to your computer, create an excel sheet you reference to, or any other method that allows those dates to be visible whenever you’re doing classwork. I can’t even describe the feeling of waking up at 11:55pm on a Sunday realizing you have a paper due in five minutes. Keeping everything visible will allow you to know what’s coming and what to prioritize.

Still “go to class”

Having online classes doesn’t necessarily mean you should sleep in until noon and then binge Netflix until you see the sun go down. Have a designated “class time” to dedicate to each of your courses. This helps decrease procrastination and free up your afternoons for the things you want to do.

Complete coursework from anywhere other than your bed

This is a productivity killer. Your brain associates places with things. So keep your dorm room for rest and relaxation, and keep your studying in places like the library, or other rooms if the library is not available. Separating these will help your mind get into more of a productive state rather than wanting to take a nap in your nice, warm bed.

Download a productivity app

It’s easy to want to check your notifications while studying, but sometimes putting your phone in airplane mode isn’t enough to resist the temptation. The one I use is called Forest – Stay Focused. You activate the app when you want to study, and a little tree will start growing. If you switch to another screen or check notifications, the tree will die and you will lose focus. You can collect tons of different trees, see your productivity stats, and even have the chance to plant real trees in the process. There’s tons more where this app came from, so find what works for you.

Stay connected, even from a distance

Shutting yourself away to constantly be doing schoolwork isn’t good for your mental health. If you aren’t able to physically be with your friends for classmates, schedule a FaceTime or Zoon study session. The company is good for you to be social while in the mix of COVID restrictions.

Agnes students are resilient, so I have no doubt that with these tips, you’re going to rock this semester. Keep your head up, reach out when you need it, and stay strong, Scotties.

Taylor Yates

Agnes Scott '22

Hey! I'm Taylor, a softball player from the PNW who is striving for a career in Marketing. I have passion for our environment, cats and longboarding.