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5 Skin Care Uses of Vaseline



I think it’s safe to say that petroleum jelly is a fairly common item in the American household. But what do you actually use it for? Do you use it to solely moisturize? Or maybe you keep it nearby whenever you’re in need of something to help you open a new jar. Whatever the reason may be, hopefully, reading this list will give you more uses out of your jelly!

1. Grow your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

I can personally attest to this. Starting around my freshmen year of high school, each night I put a small amount of vaseline on my eyebrows and eyelashes. This helps keep the moisture inside of the hair follicles when you’re asleep. Because it does this, your eyelashes fall out less, and your eyebrows grow in stronger due to the increased amount of moisture. Since everyone may not be okay with going to sleep with this greasy substance on their face, try doing it every couple of days before you make it a habit.

2. Relieve Razor Burn

Springtime is near, and soon enough it will be summer! Before you go out and show off your summer body, try using vaseline to help subside that irritating razor burn. There are other creams and lotions and potions that say they can help with this problem, but, like everything else, they really all do the same thing at a higher cost to you. So, save some cash and rub some vaseline on that problem area.

3. Remove Stubborn/Waterproof Makeup

Again, this ties into things that basically do the same thing at higher prices. There are products that you can buy that will moisturize your face after taking off your makeup. But why spend so much cash when you have something that can do the exact same thing? There are two ways to do this: you can start off by wetting your face, then take some vaseline and rub it in a circular motion on your face, especially around your eye area. Then, use a wet facial cloth to wipe off the vaseline and makeup. Lastly, wash your face with your facial cleanser and you’re good to go! The second way going about this is nearly the same. The only difference is that you start off with rubbing the vaseline on a dry face instead of wetting it first. Then carry on using the same steps!

4. Relieve Chafing

You can probably tell the pattern here by now. It is a fantastic and inexpensive moisturizer! If you experience chafing, help your problem area with some petroleum jelly! Just be sure to rub it in really well when you apply it.

5. Soften Your Feet

Again, the summer months are upon us! Your skin may be a little more dried out due to the harsh, cold weather. Apply vaseline to the dry spots of your feet, then make sure to put some socks on. This will help to prevent the vaseline from coming off while you’re sleeping in bed. After doing this for a couple of nights, you’ll feel a major difference in the way your feet feel!


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