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4 Youtube Channels for Movie Lovers

I might be the only one, but personally, after watching a movie or finishing a TV series, I immediately look up theories about it on YouTube and Reddit (especially if I really enjoy it). I’ve actually grown to enjoy it more than watching the movie itself, to be honest, but don’t get me wrong, I still love watching the movies. Over time, I have come to find myself to become a regular viewer of a select group of YouTube channels. If you love theories and movies, like me you’ll probably love these channels!



FoundFlix summarizes, analyzes, and reviews Horror films. They’re videos mostly consist of Endings Explained videos, in which the host, Chris, tries to provide the audience with closure, making it perfect for people who have just finished a movie but were confused by it. It’s also the perfect channel for scaredy cats (like myself) who enjoy the plots of horror movies but are too scared to sit through the jump scares and suspenseful parts! This is honestly one of my favorite YouTube channels. 

The Take

The Take’s Channel has a ton of video essays that thoroughly explain common movie tropes such as “the Dumb Blonde” or “the Bad Boy.” These videos analyze the historical origins of these tropes as well as how they have evolved over time as a result of cultural and historical changes. The videos on this channel are the perfect combination of entertainment and education as they are well researched and absolutely fascinating. 

The Film Theorists

Like the Channel name suggests, this channel consists of theories about the plots of movies and TV shows. What is most interesting about this YouTube Channel is that their film theories go beyond the typical analysis of origins or research on what specific elements of the plot mean. Their theories also analyze topics such as “How To Win the Purge” or “How To Beat Freddy Krueger” as well, which is an interesting twist. 

Let Me Explain

Liiisten. Let Me Explain’s Channel name, like The Film Theorists, is very self-explanatory. They explain many movies and shows in a very entertaining way while offering a unique and interesting perspective on the different plotlines, making the videos extremely enjoyable.

That was just a few of the many YouTube channels I enjoy watching! If you ever leave a movie feeling like you’ve missed something, one or more of these channels may be able to provide you with the closure or explanations you need. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too!

Brianna Walton

Agnes Scott '21

Brianna graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Business Management. She has a passion for social justice issues, self-care, and self-expression via writing. Her favorite things to do are listen to music, draw, talk to friends, and take long walks in nature. She is currently working as a digital marketer and freelance social media manager.
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