2018 Movies you May have Missed

With the Oscars right around the corner, everyone’s talking about their favorite movies from 2018, and there is plenty to talk about. 2018 featured many amazing and fun movies that have been recognized, from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse to Roma. With the Oscars picks and big box office hits, there is plenty to choose from to enjoy a fun movie-going experience. But not all good movies from 2018 got the attention they deserved. Here is a short list of some lesser talked about 2018 releases that you may want to add to your watch list.


You Were Never Really Here

While technically released in 2017, it didn’t get a widespread release until 2018 where it became a big hit to those who saw it. This drama thriller gives you an action-packed and emotional ride as you follow a jaded enforcer Joe as he attempts to rescue a young kidnapped girl. Joaquin Phoenix does an incredible job portraying Joe, giving an emotional and realistic look into his character. Directed by Lynne Ramsay who has other great works under her name like Ratcatcher and We Need to Talk About Kevin, this movie is a must see if you enjoy stylistic and emotional thrillers.

                                                                          (Image via fr.m.wikipedia.org)


Eighth Grade

Directed by comedian Bo Burnham Eighth Grade gives a deep look into the life of thirteen-year-old Kayla as she navigates the intricacies of her last few months of eighth grade. This movie presents a real and oftentimes uncomfortable look into a modern-day middle schooler, and it really does not shy away from the embarrassing and cringey moments. This movie is great for anyone who felt like they didn’t quite fit in during their younger years, as it shows the real struggles that Kayla faces. It also features some laugh-out-loud and heartwarming moments that anyone can appreciate. If you can handle some second-hand embarrassment or want to lament along with Kayla about the struggles of middle school, then check out this movie.


                                                                          (Image via www.flickr.com)



While the previous live-action Transformers movies leave much to be desired, Bumblebee is a fresh new take on the franchise that brings it back to its 80’s roots. Directed by Travis Knight, this movie tells the story of Bumblebee, an alien robot who has to flee his homeworld as it is in the rages of war. He lands on earth in the year 1987 and befriends a young girl named Charlie. Bumblee tells the heartwarming story of two unlikely friends as they face down humans and alien robots alike. If you are an original fan of the Transformers universe then this movie may appeal to you, as it takes a step back from the explosions and fighting to tell a story of friendship and coming of age (but don’t worry -- you’ll still get some fun explosions and alien robot punching matches).

                                                                          (Image via www.flickr.com)


While we’re thinking about all Oscar-worthy from this past year, let's not forget all the other great movies that graced the screen in 2018.