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15 Gifs that 100% Describe You in Class

As students, we spend hours of our lives in class. It’s not surprising that we have some of the same thoughts as our classmates while sitting in class. Some of us are lucky enough to have a class moment that leaves us feeling like we’re sitting in America’s Funniest Home Videos (once my mom stood up to introduce herself to her classroom and fell straight on her face). Then, there are those things that every college student is bound to experience. These GIFs perfectly describe the classic feelings we all have while sitting in our desks, waiting for class to end.

1. Having to sit through an 8:00 AM lecture:

2. When someone in your class starts telling their life story:

3. When you think your teacher is finished assigning homework but they’re just getting started:

4. When all your teachers decide to have test on the same day:

5. When you do well on a test you thought you failed:

6. When you fail a test you thought you did well on:

7. Getting assigned a group project with all your friends:

8. When your teacher makes you participate in class:

9. Your feelings toward teachers when quizzes are open book:

10. That one day you dress nice to class:

11. Extra credit. Enough said.

12. How you want to give your presentation when the teachers says to make it creative and interactive:

13. When teachers say no laptops or technology during class:

14. Trying to be buttered up with puppies during exams to distract you from your imminent death:

15. When you turn in that last exam and get to head home for break:

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