10 Scottie Entrepreneurs that Deserve Your Attention

With the continuous popularity of big sites like Amazon, we know that it is more important than ever to buy from small businesses. Etsy and other similar platforms are a great alternative, but I’ve compiled a list of some Scottie owned small businesses to highlight. What better way to shop local than to support our own Agnes Scotties?

  1. 1. Briana Barnett

    Briana Barnett publishes and sells poetry. She published the book pictured above (And the Sun kissed us Gently) for donations to BLM Bail funds and black mental health donations. Briana will be selling another book in late July focused on Blackness and perceptions of race in America. To support this up and coming business, send her a DM @poetic_destiny20 on Instagram or email at [email protected].

  2. 2. Allison Aguilera

    Allison is an extremely talented artist who designs and sells stickers. There’s more, all profits from the stickers that are sold are donated towards various Black Lives Matter organizations and funds of the buyer’s choice. If you’d like a sticker of your own, Allison’s Instagram is @arty.al and there’s a post about how to order.

  3. 3. Official Fairy Cosmetics

    Mildred Meza sells vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and products such as lipgloss, lip scrubs, chokers, beauty blenders, scrunchies, and even pepper sprays! Talk about variety! She wants to help people feel confident yet safe, especially on campus. From personal experience, I’ve bought her scrunchies and not only are they super high quality, but also a great price. If you don’t want to wait until Mildred has another table in the Alston HUB, message her on her Instagram @officialfairycosmetics.

  4. 4. Peaches ‘n Christine

    Christine Galioto sells handmade arts and crafts that include jewelry, knitted/crocheted accessories, and hand lettered art. We love seeing her talent in the Alston HUB, but to order now you can message her Instagram @peaches.n.christine.

  5. 5. Genevieve Stitches

    Eve Clark makes and sells feminist embroidery and handmade jewerly. Her etsy is http://www.etsy.com/dk-en/shop/GenevieveStitches and while it’s currently awaiting new products, you can always message her on Instagram @genevieve_stitches to place an order.

  6. 6. AmiraUnplugged

    Amira sings, writes poetry, raps, and speech-writes for programs and organizations that focus on positive progress that include civic engagement, building community, uplifting youth, and more. Wait, is there anything she can’t do? AmiraUnplugged has the tagline, ”creativity to heal the world,” and it’s easy to see she stands by that.


    In addition to this, Amira and her sister will be launching an organization called WE Collective next month. According to Amira, “WE: A Space for Us strives to create space for POC to build coalition through holding difficult discussions, sharing creativity, and celebrating our communities.” Each month, they have different themes slated, which are dissected through different creative channels like performances, talks with experts, informational posts, ”pass the mic” competitions, and more. WE is officially launching as @wecllctv and will have a website soon, so give them a follow, and stay tuned!

  7. 7. Stitch Markerz Crochet

    Rachel Wilson sells impressive custom crochet clothing and accessories. Most pieces she sells are made to measure/order and everything is hand crocheted by her! To order, shoot Rachel a DM on her Instagram @stitchmarkerz.

  8. 8. Sweet T Candles

    Almost all of us have at least one thing in common: we love candles. Tiara White creates handmade, all natural candles with amazing essential oils. She can create any color you’d like, and with seemingly endless scent combinations you can create, she’s sure to have the perfect candle for you. Tiara’s business Instagram is @sweet.t.candles where you can place an order... or five!

  9. 9. Kashmir Co.

    Yanna Walker sells a variety of items including shades, clutches, head scarves, watches, bracelets, earrings, durags, false lashes and hairpins. Her mission is “to provide an exceptional quality of accessories to every customer,” now that’s a Scottie promise worth supporting! You can contact Yanna through her Instagram @ariyannalashae.

  10. 10. Pink Frog Productions

    Ruby Santana sells handmade earrings and crochet pieces (both pre-made and custom). Her Etsy shop will be up soon, but until then, send a message to @pinkfrogproductions on Instagram to order.