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You Need to See This Couple’s Blog–It’s Actually #RelationshipGoals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

If you’re like me and get easily swayed by aesthetically pleasing, beautifully dorky, happy couples, then you might want to sit down for what I’m about to tell you. Prepare to be introduced to a relationship like none other; literally the most adorable duo I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and know. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nick and Jenna Martin.



They’re a married couple living in Los Angeles, CA. They also run a blog about their travels and adventures called Two Small Fries.


Let’s meet the beautiful and talented Mrs. Jenna Martin first.



Jenna currently works in the Fashion Marketing field, but she worked with the Walt Disney company for quite a while before that. She’s been involved in a variety of companies and organizations. Did I also mention that Jenna is an avid traveler? She’s pretty much a fun-sized package of hard work, beauty, and perfection (I mean, have you SEEN her???)



Now it’s time to meet Jenna’s nerdy, adorably tiny, hilarious, insanely talented, and yes, beautiful, Prince Charming: Nick Martin.



If you’re familiar with the rock band Sleeping With Sirens, you’ve probably heard of Jenna’s husband. He plays guitar for the band and is an amazing musician– Seriously, he’s been touring the world and playing sold-out shows for over a decade. He’s also a genuine sweetheart!


The Martins are unstoppable. They have a pretty unique love story; they technically fell in love through a breakup (I know, right?! You can read more on their story here). Their new blog, Two Small Fries, has also been gaining traction in the short amount of time it’s been up. Nick and Jenna write about all kinds of things ranging from their professional life to their personal endeavors, including (get ready):



Nick and Jenna are huge Disney aficionados– they might as well be in a relationship with Disney. They’re Annual Passholders for Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland Resort in California!




These cuties went to London, Paris, and then London again for their honeymoon this year! And yes, according to their Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, and Pt 4 blog posts on Two Small Fries, it was everything you’d want in a honeymoon. (A bottle of Champagne with a congrats note, a guitar, and vinyls waiting for you in your hotel room? Umm, YES PLEASE.)




The Martins raised money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County at (you guessed it) Disneyland! They were Team “We Can Be Legends,” named after Nick’s band’s new song “Legends,” which is also the official Winter Olympics song for Team USA. (By the way, you can check out their new album “Gossip” here.) Together, they raised over $1,500. A couple that raises money for sick children together is the couple you want to be.



Personal Advice

That’s right. This darling duo is here to help you out on all things personal. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, upset, confused, or lost, reading through one of their posts will definitely lift your spirits– I swear on it! Their advice has helped me multiple times, and I’m a tough person to calm down. They have blog posts to help you de-stress, maximize the fun in your life, start your day the right way, be happy, and more. Have no fear, Nick and Jenna are here. (Insert cheesy smiley emoji.)



Life Stories

My personal favorite is the story of how Nick and Jenna fell in love. They’re also that one couple everyone is in awe at because of how well they use their time– like finding a way to make staying at home on a Sunday night a pretty enchanting date. These lovebirds have known each other for like, a decade and they still nerd out together over Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. It’s so beautiful I might even cry a little.




Have you ever run across a couple that decides to go green and eat healthy? Now, have you ever seen that couple maintain their goal? If not, then the Martins might be the first you see. They decided to go clean months ago, and a bunch of their blog posts talk about their journey. Jenna even walks you through how they became/stay healthy. It’s so nice to see their journey– my motivation to go healthy has definitely become stronger after reading through all the wonderful advice they have to give (and all the YUMMY healthy food recipes and pics they post)!




Jenna loves talking about her skincare routine, fashion tips and tactics, her love for Glossier, her closet, taking care of her hair, and more! Seriously, she is the go-to girl for anything and everything. It takes so much work and dedication to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle when it comes to healthcare and Mrs. Jenna Martin is a prime example of how hard work pays off. It must take a lot of talent to keep up with being that high-maintenance, so everyone should check out what she has to say (and maybe congratulate her for being so amazing as well).



Nick Martin and Jenna Martin. They’re the type of family you’d want to keep tabs on not just because they’re a cute couple, but because they set an example for everyone else. Besides being total #RelationshipGoals, they’re whole-hearted, down-to-earth, passionate individuals who spend their time dedicating life to having fun and helping others together, all while showing that a long-distance relationship is built on strength and patience. While Nick is busy performing for sold-out crowds of thousands and thousands of people, Jenna is diving deep into work with multiple organizations and brands. Simply put, Two Small Fries is the blog to be at if you want to feel happy. And who doesn’t want to feel happy? Give their blog Two Small Fries a read, you won’t regret it!




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