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You Know You’re A Fangirl When…

We all have that one friend who seems a little too obsessed with celebrities.  Maybe it’s One Direction *cough* me *cough*, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, but whoever it is it feels like they know EVERYTHING about them.  If you don’t have that one friend, then guess what? It’s probably you! Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Aren’t sure if you’re a fangirl? Here’s what it’s like being a fangirl:


1.You’re Protective

You will forever defend your fave celeb.  Any rumor gets immediately shut down by you and the rest of the fandom.  Any other celebrity that dares say something bad about your fave comes to regret it.  Where are my Swifties at right now? I’m sure you Swifties have heard about the R&B artist suing Tay for using the term “Haters gonna hate.” It seems to me like he’s being a major hater, but like we’ve learned from the best: shake it off.

2. Timezones Bother You

As a fangirl, you want to keep up with everything your faves do.  There’s nothing more annoying than time zones ruining that! *rolls eyes* You’ve never been bothered by time zones before, but now how are you going to live tweet a concert when it’s happening when you’re asleep? Let’s not forget the struggle us One Direction fan girls faced when they randomly released the Drag Me Down music video in the middle of the night! Luckily I was pulling an all nighter that night, but it was two in the morning Eastern time.  We can’t always be this lucky.

3. You Can Find A Way To Relate Anything To Your Fave

I am very guilty of this, but what fangirl isn’t? You can be having a casual conversation or maybe a professor is giving a lecture and all of the sudden they say something and it leads to a series of thoughts that ends with you thinking of your fave celeb.  For example, maybe you’re chatting with your friends and you say something that they didn’t quite understand and they hit you with “What do you mean?” What’s the first thing a fangirl of the Biebs would do? Break out in song of course! Even if it is only in your head.

4. Social Media Becomes A Priority

Nowadays everyone is glued to social media, but no one is more attached to their social media than fangirls.  Social media is the key to being a fangirl.  This is how you stalk keep track of your faves.  How else are you supposed to know what they had for lunch? I’m kidding of course, but this is how you find out any news or rumors instantly. The struggle is real when you barely have time for social media, but fangirls always find a way around this.  We must stay in the know.

5. People Think You’re Crazy

This is probably one of the worst things ever.  I know I can’t stop talking about One Direction, but so what? As a fangirl you are always being called obsessed.  Most of the times it’s your friends teasing you, but seriously? Can’t a girl just support her favorite person/people ever? Look at it this way, a middle aged drunk man can yell at the top of his lungs for a football game and he can talk about said football game 24/7. He most likely won’t get judged.  Guys dedicate their life to sports and that’s okay, but when girls dedicate time to a musician or any celebrity, they’re crazy fangirls.  In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

So how ‘bout it? Are you the one friend that’s a little too obsessed with celebs? I bet this sounded way too familiar for my fellow fangirls out there. Happy fangirling collegiettes!

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