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Why You Need to Listen to Ariana Grande’s New Album “thank u, next”

After innumerable hints and teases over social media about Ari’s next album, the long wait is finally over and GIRL did she deliver. On February 8th, 2019 Ari #blessed us with 12 tracks of pure girl power. If you have not been keeping up with Ari’s life and relationships as much as I have, here is a quick update. After a whirlwind romance and engagement to SNL star, Pete Davidson that started in May and ended in October along with the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, in September, Grande has been dealing with a lot over these past few months. However, despite her personal struggles, she is doing pretty damn well and has released not one but two hit albums, “Sweetener” and “thank u, next” over the course of six months. Both albums have tracks that have us dancing in our pajamas at midnight from love, to loss, to straight up girl power. You go Ari! Here are a few highlight tracks you need to listen to from “thank u, next” ASAP.


Calling Your Ex-Boyfriends Out… the Right Way!

Let’s just start with “thank u, next.” When Ari first dropped this single back in November, people were picking their jaws up off the floor- it was an instant hit! No wonder this is the title of her newest album. I have so much respect for her that she embraces girl power without having to diss her exes. Now that’s what I call being mature and taking the high road!


The Definition of Girl Power… and Credit Cards

“7 Rings” makes me want to go out and purchase that Louis Vuitton bag I have had my eye on for ages. After all, if you work hard, you should play hard. While I may not be as rich as Ari, she sure as hell makes me feel like I am with this hit!


Ari Has Us All Up in Our Feels

“Ghostin”, the 8th track on this album, will give you chills. The first time I heard “Ghostin” tears came in my eyes and I immediately fell in love… no exaggeration. It is suggested that this track is an apology to her ex-fiance Pete Davidson and a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. One of the lyrics that may confirm this theory? “Though I wish he were here instead / Don’t want that living in your head / He just comes to visit me / When I’m dreaming every now and then.” This song is a real heartbreaker in the most beautiful way!   


Sometimes We Can Be a Bit “Needy”…

YES. We have all been there, either we love too hard or overthink too hard. But at the end of the day, Ari admitting that she can be “needy” from time to time makes me feel better about myself! Not to mention, the vibe in this song is killer… just go check it out!


When Things Are Not Going As Well as It Seems…

Tired of putting on a “fake smile?” So is Ari and we honestly can’t blame her. The intro sounds like a 1950’s song (which reminds me of her classic “Tattooed Heart”) and then transitions into your classic Ari pop song.


When We Need Just a Little Space…

Haha, clever I know! Ari’s NASA is a catchy song you can definitely relate to when you need a little extra space and “me” time. Even NASA gave Ari a shout-out over Twitter. 

Of course, I couldn’t cover each and every track on this out of this world album. There is too much greatness to cover in one single article alone. So just a PSA to my readers, I highly advise you to go check out and buy her album on iTunes today… you are in for a real sweet treat!

Hi! My name is Kerri Hayman and I am an undergraduate student at Adelphi University. My passion for writing lies within the lines of my poetry. I truly believe that when spoken word fails, written word speaks. Writing has allowed me to open a creative door for others to venture through and to relate on a personal level. Through struggles and triumphs, writing has become an artistic outlet for me to express my creative self!
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