Who to Avoid on Valentine's Day

Love is in the air so that can only mean one thing, Valentine’s Day is near! While this holiday serves as an opportunity for people in relationships to remind their significant other how much they mean to them, it also brings out different kinds of people that make this holiday a lot less enjoyable. It’s funny how a certain type of person can change your entire perspective on the holiday as a whole. If you want to enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year, these are the kinds of people you should steer clear from.


  1. The Creepers

    Now this is just a theory, but for some reason, people tend to state their love for you the closer it is to Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if it’s because love is actually in the air, but people are more likely to openly express how much you mean to them. However, instead of friends confessing their love for you, it’s complete strangers. People you never met in your life all of a sudden slide into your DMs and tell you how they have loved you since the moment you walked right by them in the hallway freshman year of highschool. These creepy men you never met notice that you are single and use this holiday as an advantage to ask you out on a date. They think that because you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day that you are desperate enough to say yes to them. Well just because a girl is single, that does not mean she is also desperate.

    2. The Weepers

    While every couple is out on Valentine’s Day, single people are usually at home watching sad romance movies and crying their eyes out because all their friends have dates but them. They use the fact that they are alone to hate the holiday as a whole. Valentine’s Day is not an excuse that you can use to hate on all your friends in relationships, it’s simply not their fault. Instead of grieving over your lack of love, be happy for those in relationships. If you choose to be happy for someone, then maybe one day karma will come back and give you some good fortune. Everyone deserves to be loved so it’s best not to hate other people for having what you don’t.


    3. The Clingers

    This specific group of people is steered more towards clingy girlfriends who go above and beyond just for Valentine’s Day. They are the type to post numerous posts on social media about what their boyfriend got them, or where they are going out to dinner. They are actually the most annoying due to the fact that they have probably only been dating their boyfriend for about a month so therefore, they probably don’t know what love actually is.

    Valentine's Day can either be a night full of romance or a night of complete despair. It all depends on the way you look at it and the people you encounter on this day have a great influence that can either make your experience a lot better, or simply ruin the night for you. No matter the kind of person you come across this Valentine’s Day, it is important that you enjoy yourself rather than let people get the best of you.