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What to Expect on This Season of The Walking Dead

Warning, this article contains spoilers of the hit television show The Walking Dead.

With the new half-season of The Walking Dead underway, everyone is wondering what is going to happen to Rick now that Carl has died.

If you can recall back in December on the half-season finale, we learn that Carl had been bitten by a walker. He breaks the news to his friends and family when they’re hiding from the saviors in the sewers. Carl got himself bit by a walker when he went out looking for the lone survivor, Saddiq. He wanted to bring him back to Alexandria, and in the process, they came across a few walkers who were able to bite Carl right on his stomach.


With the death of his only son, how will Rick act? Some say that he will lose it and blame Saddiq for his death since he was the reason why Carl was out in the first place. Others say that Rick will try to honor his son’s wish and change who he is and find a way to live in peace with everyone.

    The audience is expecting the battle between Negan and Rick to come to an end. Last season, Rick made a huge attack on the saviors that diminished the supplies that they had. Even though Rick, the people from the Hilltop and the Kingdom, made a heroic attack, it was still not enough to take down Negan.


    The real question is, now that Rick is on the winning team, will the dumpster people continue to join forces with them against Negan or will they switch sides once again? They’re the typical bandwagon group, they root for whoever is winning and benefits them most. However, now that the saviors lost a majority of their supplies, what can they actually offer in exchange for help? Rick needs as many people as he can get to take down Negan because after an attack like that, you can suspect that Negan will not go down without a fight.

As a villain, Negan has been the more interesting and dangerous person that Rick has had to try to overcome. He has proven to be fearless and true to his word, meaning he isn’t one to bluff. I believe that Negan will be the final obstacle that Rick has to face before he can truly reach the peace he has been looking for ever since the zombie apocalypse began. Now is the time to start permanently forming those allies he was looking for, because defeating Negan will not be easy.



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