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There’s a new movement popping up all over Hollywood, and it’s making quite the impact. We saw it for the first time when women and men who attended the Golden Globes wore all black. And we saw it again recently at the Grammy Awards with some stars donning white roses or all white clothing. It’s called the Time’s Up movement, and you should learn about it now because I'm sure this isn’t the last time you’ll hear about it!



It’s the next powerful change after the start of the #Metoo movement. This one started with a letter of solidarity from the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas dedicated to all the people who have experienced and talked about sexual assault in Hollywood and beyond. In response to this letter, the New York Times initiated the movement in order to support all people who may need it, and to keep the conversation about sexual harassment relevant.


So other than wearing certain things and using the hashtag #TimesUp, what else has this movement inspired? The National Women’s Law Center established a 13 million dollar legal fund to defend women, specifically of lower income in the fight against sexual assault in the workplace. More Hollywood stars than ever before have not only come forward with their own stories, but have been persistent in demanding justice and legislation to help change things.


Something that struck me when this movement came about was how insistent it was. Just by the nature of the title, it demands attention. Time’s up for anyone who thinks they can keep getting away with sexual assault, and the women that are driving it forward will not let anyone forget it. Time’s up for a culture in which women have to live in silence and fear. Time’s up for all the minorities that suffer in this way because they are conveniently forgotten. As the website states so beautifully, “No more silence, no more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse. TIME’S UP.”

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