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What Does It Mean When He Doesn’t Text Back?

Is he interested? This is always the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind when he doesn’t text back. While a lack of interest can be one of the most common reasons, it might not be the only one. We always assume people don’t like us because we’re not good enough, but there could be so many reasons why he doesn’t text you back!


He’s really busy

News flash: some people have lives. He might just be way too busy to not just talk to you, but to anyone in particular.



His phone fell into the Atlantic Ocean

(Metaphorically). In reality, he’s probably one of those dudes who simply don’t use their phone that often. And yes, people like that still exist in the world.



He’s oblivious.

Guess what? It’s TOTALLY possible that he doesn’t even realize you’re interested in him! People can be very oblivious. Some people also don’t like assuming things.



He doesn’t know how to reply.

Maybe if he DOES know you’re interested, he’s just tongue-tied. What if he doesn’t know what to say? What if he’s afraid he’ll say something stupid and scare you away? (Yes, guys have those thoughts, too.)



He’s playing hard-to-get.

He might actually not want to come off as too desperate and is trying to avoid you. It’s not the smartest move, but in rare instances, it works. At least he has you thinking about him now.



One of his guy friends likes you and he can’t make a move.

This also goes for girls to guys, girls to girls, guys to guys- pretty much everyone. It’s a golden, unwritten rule to stay away from someone you’re interested in if one of your friends called dibs first.



Alas, there are so many more reasons why he might not be texting you back, but this is just an overview of them. Don’t take his lack of responses to heart; you’re better than that!

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