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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

The show Friends came out in the 1990’s, however to this day it is very relevant and still holds a lot of viewers. Each character on the show has taught us important life lessons which we should abide by.


  1. Phoebe: Not to Care

Throughout the entire series of Friends, Phoebe has walked around doing her thing, not caring what other people think of her. If she wants to sing she will sing, if she wants to run like she’s slipping through the meadow she will do it and not care how others look at her. If we didn’t care about what other people thought, then society as a whole would not seem so similar.


  1. Ross: If It Is Meant To Be It Will Be

Ross has had a lot of weddings and on-off relationships on the show, having a baby, saying the wrong name at the altar but in the end, Rachel and Ross were endgame! With love, Ross didn’t give up but kept pursuing his heart and stayed true to who he loved.


  1. Chandler: It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan

You don’t always have to have an answer or a plan but as long as you are there for the people you care about and have a goal, you can achieve it. Nothing like a good laugh to cheer your friend up.


   4. Monica: It’s Never Too Late To Take Charge Of The Decisions  You Make

Monica was known for being fat in high school but she didn’t stay that way. She took charge of who she was and changed into a gorgeous person. She



5. Joey:  Life Sucks

In real life nothing is easy, this show does not shy away from facing the reality that you will lose your jobs, relationships are hard but you need to keep trying and eventually, it will work out.


6. Rachel Work Hard BE confident you can do anything


Rachel has changed the most since the first episode. She went from being a spoiled rich girl to finally working, not knowing how to make coffee and got her dream job in Paris. Even though she didn’t take it, she never let anyone stop her from pursuing fashion and achieving her dream.


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