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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

The end of the semester can be incredibly stressful, with finals, moving back home or just assignments and exams overkill. You may find yourself have breakdowns all the time like me right now writing this. If you want to make sure the stress doesn’tconsume you follow these steps below


  1. Make a Schedule

This seems pretty basic but it is helpful to see what’s happening on what day/time. It makes it easier for` your brain to try to assume when something is due leading to more stress. Get a calendar or even a planner to keep track of your obligations.



2. List

If you’re not a fan of planners or even the use of a calendar, make a list of important dates or things to do. This way you don’t forget something.  Personally for me, checking things off a list gives me satisfaction and relaxes me a bit. If you feel overwhelmed, think about what needs to be done first or what may take longer to do.


3. Break Time

Probably one of the most important things you need to do! You can study and be a workaholic for a few hours straight and not retain anything. The feeling of your brain hurting after being really productive, that’s your brain melting telling you to stop and go eat, maybe shower or talk to someone for an hour. You might think you could use that time to learn more, but you might be surprised how energized you feel.



4. Sleep!

The MOST important. I cannot stress how much you retain when sleeping. Pulling an all-nighter for me slows me down. You most likely will get more work down after a good night’s rest rather than staying up with your eyes burning.


5. Partner Up!

Studying with friends can be helpful so long as you are productive. Quizzing yourself before a test is one of the most effective ways of retaining information. Maybe you will even gain the information you didn’t know beforehand. Studying can become fun.


Finals are only for one week. After this stressful week, you can kick back and enjoy the sun on your face!



Hello! My name is Shanisha! I am a Junior Nursing Major and part of the Levermore Global Scholars Program at Adelphi University. On campus, you will most likely find me in the Underground Cafe with my friends or at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center. These are my two favorite spots! I hope you are able to relate to the articles I write! Enjoy your day!! :)