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Tricks to Stay Fit This Winter

Got the winter blues? Find yourself feeling lazy at the thought of working out or even lifting a finger? You’re not alone. The shorter days equal less daylight, making it seem all doom and gloom sometimes. The cold weather has us all just wanting to stay in our beds bundled up in the covers (as I’m doing right now as we speak…or as I type). However, spring break is just right around the corner (I promise, it is!) and the summer 2015 bathing suits are starting to hit the racks so here are some easy(ish) ways to stay fit this winter!


1. Take the stairs

This may seem too obvious but you’d be surprised about how many college students opt to take the elevators over the stairs just when going to class. As long as you have legs that work, take advantage and use them! It may not seem like much but especially in college, when all your classes are located in different buildings all over campus, the amount of stair walking adds up and you’ll be thankful to walk on the beach with toned legs this summer!

2. Hot yoga

The perfect way to escape the harsh winter weather and enjoy 100 degree temperatures without jumping on a plane is… hot yoga! Hot yoga is an intense workout that will burn some serious calories since classes are taught in a studio set to over 100 degrees, it’s a nice refreshing change from the blistering snow outside. Just remember to stay hydrated because you will break more than just small sweat.


3. Go out for a walk

Another seemingly obvious tip, but did you know what walking in the snow is more muscularly challenging then walking on regular ground. Since it takes more effort for your legs to push off on a layer of soft snow then a hard, concrete ground, you’re working out your legs more, therefore burning more calories. Just be sure to wear a good pair of boots to avoid slipping on any black ice!


4. Do planks.

One way that I personally stay (somewhat) in shape from the comfort of my own bedroom is by doing planks. Planks is one of the best core exercises because it targets your entire core without ruining your back and neck, like sit-ups and crunches can. As weird as it may sound, I do planks while watching Netflix or YouTube videos and kill two birds with one stone. It not only distracts you from the fact that you’re working out (ish…not always. The burn will still exist.) but you’re also saving time.


5. Stretch  

This is commonly overlooked by everyone when they think of fitness. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and when the weather’s cold out, your muscles tend to contract and tensen up. Getting into a regular stretching routine before bed or in the morning will keep your flexibility in check, resulting in a healthier body.


How are you planning on staying fit before the winter months pass? I hope you girls got some sort of motivation from this article to get up and moving! Remember – the only bad workout is the one that never happened! 

Hey everyone! I'm Juls (yes, short for Julie), and I'm a junior biology major with a double minor in chemistry and mathematics at Adelphi University. I'm also a writer and the head of the editorial team for Her Campus Adelphi. I've been running for 6 years and am a (beginner) Bikram yoga junkie, so I guess you can say I'm also a fitness enthusiast. If I'm not out for a run or in the yoga studio, you can catch me volunteering at my local hospital, laughing with my friends while out for coffee, or tuning in for the latest episode of Dancing With the Stars. Feel free to say hi if you see me around; I'm most likely that girl with a pair of sunglasses on top of her head even if it's cloudy outside.
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