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Megan Charles

Moving on through the zodiac chain, we have left the ram of Aries and entered the bull Taurus. Taurus corresponds with the time frame of April 20th to May 20th. Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Tauruses are considered to be the anchor of the Zodiac. The primary Taurus strengths can be found in their patience, and their ability to be resourceful, productive, and consistent. Peaceful and receptive, Taurus folks tend to be lovers of good, common sense. They often think concretely and practically, and carefully consider what they mean to say. Being a fixed earth sign, Taurus can be counted on to stabilize, sustain, and preserve what they value, be that their work or their relationships. 

The Taurus constellation has been known since at least the Early Bronze Age, when it marked the Sun’s location during the spring equinox. It has been associated with the bull in many cultures and mythologies: Greek and Egyptian, among others, and even going back to Ancient Babylon. In Greek mythology, Taurus is usually associated with Zeus, who adopted the shape of a bull in order to seduce and abduct Europa, the beautiful daughter of the Phoenician King Agenor. Zeus mingled with the king’s herd and, being the most handsome bull there, he got Europa’s attention. The princess admired the bull, and when she sat on his back he rose and headed for the sea. Zeus carried Europa all the way to the island of Crete, where he revealed his true identity and lavished the princess with presents. The two had three sons together, including Minos, who grew up to be the famous king of Crete. He built the palace at Knossos where bull games were held, and he also sacrificed seven young boys and girls to the Minotaur each year. Zeus later commemorated the bull by placing it among the stars.

From doing some research, I found out that the character traits of a Taurus depend on the month you were born in. If you are an April Taurus, you are goal-oriented, are good with practical subjects, you tend to bottle up your emotions a lot, you tend to be more secretive and are very down to earth. If you are a May Taurus, you tend to be more of a procrastinator, are good with abstract subjects, you are more reactive and expressive, intelligent and you don’t sugarcoat things. 

If your Moon is in Taurus, then you come off as reliable and relaxed. Taurus Moons are very down-to-earth and are second to none in terms of stability. You gain trust from many, as you are truthful and have a strong sense of responsibility. Taurus Moons are so laid back and cautious, they are on the slow side when it comes to taking action. You can also be stubborn enough not to budge until the move feels right. Taurus Moons have great taste, and many of them are very opinionated about fashion and items in their possession. You may not be the flamboyant type, but Taurus Moons have a certain elegance about them.

If your Rising is in Taurus, you are likely to be fairly consistent in your views, and may be considered fixed in values; either around material needs, or emotional concerns. You may be set around ideas for the future and what you feel you need to do to get there. On the one hand, this can make you reliable and focused. On the other, it can mean you stubbornly resist anything that does not meet preconceived ideas. You can hold on to a situation, state of mind, or object for far too long, just to prove a point. In this case, learning when to be constant and when to hold on to something versus when to let go is very important. You need comfort and security but you also need to ensure you do not become too rigid, with a one-track view of how life will unfold. 

Some celebrities that are Taurus are Gigi Hadid, John Cena, Melanie Martinez, Lizzo, Adele, and Miranda Cosgrove (any possible birthday twins? ?). 

If you’re a Taurus, you are incredibly loyal and it is an admirable trait to possess. But, it is important to remember self-love and loyalty to yourself. Practicing self care and engaging in a daily self love routine can greatly help you develop the loyalty you need for yourself. This will not only strengthen your own talents, professional goals and successes, and self worth, but also your relationships with others. One of the best things for a Taurus to do is to find their passion, calling, or creative craft. Tauruses are incredibly creative, so expressing yourself creatively or artistically and mastering that skill is deeply empowering, and further great for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Your calling will be unique to you, but do set intentions for finding and aligning with your inner creativity and extraordinary sensual, creative, earthy power!

Hey girl hey! My name is Nicoletta and I am currently a junior majoring in Environmental Science to become an earth science teacher at Adelphi. I absolutely love watching movies and tv shows so if you ever need a recommendation... I'm your girl. I have always loved creative writing and writing in general so I cannot wait for this to be my outlet :)
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