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Tips to Make You Look Like a Crafting Pro



Depending on your school or your organization, big-little season is either approaching or is already here. I decided to write this article to provide helpful tips for those of you who want to make nice crafts but may not have been able to do so.

1. Paint pens, lots and lots of paint pens

I remember when I was making my paddle for my big, I hand painted every. single. letter. I then discovered the paint pen. Fortunately for me, I was able to paint the letters well, but if your hand isn’t as steady or you don’t have the patience to do so, paint pens will literally be your best friend.

2. Use visually similar colors or colors that go well together

If you’re making a craft, or painting anything, this may be obvious, but using visually similar colors or colors that go well together is the easier option. If you mess up, if your colors aren’t severely contrasting, it’s easier to cover up.

3. Sketch out what you’re painting if you don’t feel confident

There’s nothing worse than envisioning a really cool craft and then failing when trying to execute it. If you think you’re going to mess up if you decide to paint it without an outline, make a sketch. The paint will cover the pencil lines

4. Not good at straight lines? Tape will save your craft from disaster

I’m telling you, tape is a lifesaver. Apply the tape before painting, apply several coats until you achieve the desired color and until you’ve applied a thick enough layer, but do not remove the tape until you’re 100% sure the paint is dry. That way, you know nothing will drip off the tape and the paint will not peel off with it.

5. Use add ons

For me, personally, I like adding anything in the neighborhood of artificial flowers or leaves. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

6. Use krazy glue

For the love of all things good, when applying these add ons, don’t use hot glue or gorilla glue, it’s more likely to pop off if you use hot glue and gorilla glue expands to about 3x the applied amount. Krazy glue is the way to go.

If you need any more help OR if you just need someone to make crafts for you, you can message me on whichever platform you found me on or on my linked social media. Thanks for reading and good luck crafting!


Alliah ♡


Hi, I'm Alliah! I'm currently Senior Social Work major at Adelphi University. 9/10 times you'll catch me with a good book and some coffee or tea, watching Netflix, or on Pinterest planning out the rest of my life.
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