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Things to Remember In Life

In life we face many challenges. Some are the same as others you’ve already faced and some are different. Whether it’s failing a class, a broken heart, or losing a game or a loved one, life can be hard. Especally when they all arise at once. There are however, many ways to cope, and things to keep in mind to help you trough.


1.     Time Heals Everything

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but most emotional challenges become easier in time.


2.     You Will Be Happy Again

I know sometimes it can feel like maybe that person who just broke up with you was “the one” or your last job was your dream job, but I promise you they weren’t. A day will come again where you wake up and feel complete and happy again.


3.     Stick By the People Who Love you

The people who care the most for you will help you heal and provide you with the love and strength you need. Though it’s important to get space as well, surrounding yourself with people who bring you up is extremely important.

4.     Always Take Chances

Life is too short not to do things because you’re afraid. You never know what amazing experience it could lead to just to take that one leap of faith.


5.     Don’t Let Anyone Control Your Happiness

Sometimes it’s hard to be happy on our own. Whether its friends or a significant other, if they are treating you badly, it can totally take you down. It’s always important to be able to create your own happiness and realize that if someone brings you down, they just simply aren’t worth it.


No matter the experiences, they are what make you who you are, and only make you stronger. 

Melissa is a journalism student at Adelphi University, and hopes to one day write for magazines and/various media types.
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