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Stacey Berroa ’15

  • Year – Senior

    Major – Nursing

    Hometown – Mount Vernon, NY (located in Westchester County)

    Nationality – Puerto Rican and Dominican


    What is your favorite thing about adelphi?

    • My favorite thing about Adelphi happens to be the ability to become a leader/activist in anything that you want, and enabling students to have a voice in our community that otherwise may have not had the opportunity in a different institution.

    What are you involved in on campus?

    • I am currently the secretary, community service and recruitment chair for Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority on campus as well as the Vice President of the Multicultural Greek and Fellowship Council, and committee chair for Adelphi Gives Back Month through the Center for Student Involvement.

    What advice would you give to students who aren’t involved, or too shy to join an organization?

    • My advice to all students at Adelphi is, if you can tell me right at this moment that you know for sure you are making memories of a lifetime then you are doing the right thing. But if you are not and you are passing by these undergraduate years going through the motions and going straight home after class or studying, then I promise you will regret it one day. So avoid the regret and do at least 1 thing at Adelphi that is extracurricular, it doesn’t matter what it is, join a club that appeals to your interests, start a club if you are passionate enough to do it.

    Who or What inspires you and why?

    • My mother is the driving force behind my accomplishments, her life lessons really molded who I am today and gave me such an honest and unique appreciation for life and its multitude of opportunities.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    • In five years I hope to be a traveling nurse working in underserved areas of the country that need nurses.

    Have you had a funny experience on campus? Or your most memorable moment?

    • My most memorable moment was my new member presentation on campus for my sorority. It was on the UC plaza and it was freezing that night, but all i heard was the crowd of people in front of myself and my line sisters cheering us on and squishing together to see the new pledge class present. That was the first moment that my fear of public speaking and speculation just washed away and all that was left was mown thoughts and the sound of my line speaking with intensity about what was most dearest to our hearts and showing the world our accomplishment. I always say I wish i could relive it just once more because moments like that are far and few in between but they are potent enough to leave an imprint in your life forever.

    If you could switch places with anybody on campus, professor, faculty, or student who would it be and why? What would you do?

    • If I could switch places with anyone on campus it would be President Scott. I too would love to bring more opportunities to our school and add a plethora of cultural experiences to the student body, and would love to start an official office for MultiCultural Student Affairs that would partner with every office and student organizations on campus to really bring to life all the amazing resources and cultures that are school has.

    Favorite hobby? Way to relax when school gets stressful?

    • It’s so hard to choose one hobby because i feel like I don’t stick to one thing all the time. I think I would say I love experiencing new cultures and foods the most.


    If I asked your parents to describe you in 3 words what would they say? Would your friends say the same?

    • When I asked my mother she said responsible, caring, and funny. My friends definitely think I can be comedic, unfortunately its because of how clueless or clumsy I can be sometimes but I’m never to big to laugh at myself when I have one of my moments!

    Fun Fact

    • I tend to have a sixth sense about things and anytime I ignore it somehow it always seems to come out the way I imagined it would.


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