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Y-E-S. Three letters that can change your life forever.

If you think about some of the milestones that one achieves during their lifetime, one will find that they all revolve around this one powerful word. By being more open to new opportunities, I found that opportunities come to you. I used to be a “no” person until about midway through high school. One night, while avoiding my homework, I came across Zoella’s “Just Say Yes” video and I came to the realization that I’m only granted one life and must live it to the fullest. That’s how my mentality completely changed. I began to say “yes” more. Obviously, you know your own limits and I’m not saying to agree to everything and become a complete pushover because that’s not at all progressive. Rather, I’ve found that by saying “yes” to doing things outside of my comfort zone, I’ve gained confidence, been granted the chance to experience many opportunities that I never expected to, and have met some of the most amazing people that have had an immense impact on my life. Some other sources of inspiration for saying “yes” comes from the film, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and the YouTube channel, Yes Theory. By seeing others achieve what they once thought impossible, it motivates me to continue to experience and live outside of my comfort zone.

For instance, when I first came to Adelphi I decided to go through sorority recruitment and my life completely changed when I accepted a bid from Tri Delta. From that one “yes” I’ve found some of my best friends, was able to attend a leadership conference in Texas, and have held an officer position in the chapter. That one answer transformed my life for the better.

(Source: Zoella)

From a simple “Do you want to grab coffee?” to the big “Will you marry me?” a positive answer can lead you down the most unexpected paths in friendship, love, and life. I know that this sounds extremely cliché, but based on my experiences, it just so happens to be true. Get out there, and just say YES!

Hello! My name is Julia and I’m currently a senior at Adelphi University. I’m studying business management and one day I hope to own my own company. I’ve always loved to write and I’m super excited to be a part of the Her Campus team!
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