Oscar Nominated Movies as Zodiac Signs

There are a variety of great movies nominated this year for the Oscars. But what movie is the best for you? Here are the zodiac signs as different Oscar nominees.
Aries- (March 21-April 20) The Guardians of the Galaxy.
Aries are action packed daredevils much like Starlord and his band of misfit heroes. Enthusiastic and quick witted, Aries are perfect for an action movie with their adventurous attitudes and great one liners.
Taurus- (April 21- May 21) Interstellar.
Determined and persistent much like the scientists in Interstellar, Taurus's want the best and strive for security in their lives.
Gemini- (May 22- June 21) Boyhood.
Gemini's can be youthful and energetic like the children in the movie Boyhood yet also are creative like Mason. Gemini's are smart and witty and can be artistic also like the protagonist of Boyhood.
Cancer- (June 22-July 22) Birdman.
Like Riggan in this black comedy, Cancers are emotional and loving but also have a hard time letting go of things much like Riggan and his Birdman character. Although they can be moody, Cancers are imaginative and strong.
Leo- (July 23- August 21) How to Train Your Dragon 2.
Much like the dragons in this movie, Leo's are strong and dominant while still being warm and faithful. Like Hiccup the Viking in this animated movie, Leo's are creative and great leaders. 
Virgo- (August 22- September 23) Whiplash.
Intelligent and determined like Andrew is with his drumming in Whiplash, Virgos are meticulous and smart. Although at times they can be a perfectionist, they always work their hardest.
Libra- (September 24- October 23) The Judge.
Much like the courtroom setting in parts of this Robert Downey Jr. movie, Libra's are fair and idealistic. They are peaceful and can often be cautious in their decisions like the lead in The Judge.  
Scorpio- (October 24- November 22) Into the Woods.
Exciting and passionate like this fairytale musical, Scorpios are determined in all of their quests like the characters in Into the Woods. Although sometimes they can be secretive and jealous like The Witch, they are also passionate and loving like Rapunzel and her prince. 
Sagittarius- (November 23- December 22) The Theory of Everything.
Extremely intellectual, much like the story of Stephen Hawking, Sagittarius's are philosophical and optimistic. Like the love story and understanding of Stephen and his wife Jane, Sagittarius's are optimistic and free spirits.
Capricorn- (December 23- January 20) The Grand Budapest Hotel.
This dark comedy can be like a Capricorn's humorous yet practical attitude. Ambitious like Zero in this movie, Capricorn's are disciplined and clever. 
Aquarius- (January 21- February 19) Big Hero 6.
Much like the lovable heroes in this DreamWorks movie, Aquarius's are friendly and loyal and love to help out. Sometimes they can be unpredictable, and like the creative inventions of Hiro, Aquarius is inventive and smart.
Pisces- (February 20- March 20) Still Alice.
Like Alice trying to keep up with her Alzheimer's by quizzing herself, Pisces's are intuitive and imaginative. They are sensitive like Alice is to her family and kind hearted.