An Open Letter to Autumn


Dear Autumn,

I thought it was finally time to write to you. I find myself thinking of you, more now than ever before. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I think I miss you.

The blazing sun hits my body as I am reminded of the gradual fall of your crisp, colorful leaves. The trodden grass path could be the crunching of brown and gold below my feet, as I walk down the roads with my boots and cardigan. The warm breeze hitting my face could be the cool, nippy wind that blows my bangs away from my eyes. The iced tea in my hands could be a warm chai latte that I sip as I make my way to class.

Without you by my side, the days are longer and nights are shorter. You seem to make life easier. I am constantly burdened with the sticky humidity of the last few months. You will allow me to breathe again. Come fast, I am eagerly waiting for your arrival. Come save me, Autumn!

It’s been too long since I last saw you, and I cannot wait to experience the first leaf of the season as it falls gracefully to the ground. The pumpkins I will carve with my friends at fairs cannot wait to hold the varieties of candy available to greet the trick-or-treaters.

    You bring families together, and allow them to celebrate everything they’re thankful for. You bring joy and merriment. Most importantly, you bring me closer to my arrival home (in India.) So, please don’t ever think I’ve taken you for granted. I love you as much as I love the taste of freshly baked pumpkin spiced cake.

It is time to make my days go by effortlessly and swiftly. It is time for me to see you again.

With love,